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Recipe Name Serves Cooking Time Vegetarian Recipesort ascending Preparation Difficulty Dehydrated Meal
Broccoli Veg. Soup 4 20 min Yes moderate Yes
Banana Chocolate Chip Bread 6 20min Yes simple No
\"Arrrribah\" Hot Chocolate 4 5 min Yes simple No
Red River with Meaning 4 10 min Yes simple Yes
Trail Soup 2 20min Yes simple Yes
Rice pudding 3 20 min Yes moderate No
Peaches Flambe 2 10 min Yes simple Yes
Lentil Curry 0 10 min Yes moderate No
Lemon Pasta 4 30 min Yes simple No
That`s Italian 2 20 min Yes simple Yes
Strawberry Porridge 2 2 min Yes simple Yes
Orange Bombs 4 25 min Yes simple No
Lazy lasagna 1 15 min Yes simple No
Tomato Soup 2 30min Yes simple Yes
Cajun Bannock 1 20 min Yes moderate No
Angel Hair Pasta with Garlic 2 15min Yes simple No
Thai Tofu Spread 8 40min Yes moderate Yes
Sunrise Rice Pudding 4 20 min Yes moderate Yes
Tabouli Salad 4 20min Yes simple No
Trail Eggs 4 5 min Yes simple No
Hummous 6 60 min Yes simple No
Split pea soup with dumplings 2 35 min Yes moderate Yes
Cornmeal Cheddar Muffins 6 20 min Yes simple No
Houmus 6 50 min Yes moderate No
Vegetable Chili 4 30 min. Yes moderate Yes
Houmous 6 45min Yes moderate No
Chocolate Pudding Pie 4 5 min No simple No
Green Curried Scallops 4 30 min No fancy No
no cook Ramen salad 1 15min No No
Spaghetti with Meat Sauce 4 20 min No moderate Yes
Corned Beef Hash 4 20 minutes No simple No
Focaccia 4 20 min No moderate No
Chocolate Fondue 10 5 min No No
Garlic Clam Linguini 8 35 min No moderate No
Nancy 's Potato Soup 21 5min No simple Yes
Flat bread 4 10 min. No moderate No
Fry bread 2 15 min No moderate No
Green Bean Casserole 2 15min No simple Yes
Campfire Apples With Granola C 2 45 min No No
Fried Spam 0 15 min No No


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