An Easy Way to Hang the Food Pack

by Dave Nodwell|Published 07-21-2006


using a pulley to hoist food packsFor years I have brought along my "Bear Rig" for suspending food packs up in trees. This makes it a lot easier to crank those heavy packs over a branch. In fact, I can get food packs for 4 people suspended from a tree by myself with no problem.


I bring two lengths of rope, one with a pulley on the end. The pulley serves as a great weight for throwing the rope over the branch. Once this rope is over the branch, I feedthe other rope through the pulley, then crank the pulley up to the branch and I can then use the rope running through the pulley to hoist up my packs.


The pulley makes it a lot easier to get those packs up there. The ropes inevitably come in handy for other things such as lining canoes etc. At this point, I wouldn't leave home without it!