Ontario Canoeing Regions Northern & Southern

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Northern Ontario Regions
Hudson Bay, James Bay James Bay south Northwest Wabakimi
Lake Superior basin Lake Superior coast Quetico

Hudson Bay, James Bay
Lake Superior Basin
Lake Superior coast
James Bay south
Southern Ontario Regions
North Channel Temagami French Algonquin Georgian Bay Coast and Killarney
Georgian Bay basin Ottawa South Central Southeast Southwest

North Channel
Georgian Bay coast
Georgian Bay basin
South Central


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Route Name Trip Log or Diary Technical Guide Photo Distance Duration GPX File
Allanwater - Lookout - Kopka Rivers
Day 1 (August 24, 2001):
160 km 12 days
Savant Lake to New Osnaburgh
Hwy 599
151 km 8 days
Allanwater-Ogoki-Raymond-Pikitigushi Rivers
2006 Wabakimi Trip
Get to
290 km 20 days
Boiling Sand River Chain to Little Caribou Lake
This "T
88 km 5 days
Burntrock Lake to Kenoji Lake
One of
32 km 5 days
Granite Lake to Little Caribou Lake
This ve
76 km 6 days
Lookout River Chain to Little Caribou Lake
This "T
95 km 6 days
Rockcliff Lake Loop
I have to say this trip was
0 km 14 days
Rockcliff Lake to Coles via Misekow R.
This trip was one of those
We flew
50 km 14 days
Brightsand River Provincial Park


62 km 3 days
Redhead Lake to Armstrong

Day 1
North on Re

135 km 8 days
Wabakimi - Allanwater Bridge to Tew Lake

Trip Journal kept at

62 km 5 days
2019 Solo Wabakimi Route

See the attachment.

439 km 20 days
Lower Caribou - Miminiska Lake via Colehouse, Misehkow, Albany


300 km 18 days