4 day - Mud L. Upper & Lower Crotch L.

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2 days
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200 m
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you start on mud lake, paddle to upper crotch lake, go through the narrows to lower crotch. After your there you go to big gull lake there's a marsh, 2 short portages and 1 long. On the last portage you're in Coxville, there's a store that you can go to. so now your at the beginning of big gull lake, you have to go past long island! after you go past long island you'll see a small island, paddle right until you see a small bay, that camp sight is ideal, I call it bathtub.. if you want to know why I call it that you'll have to go. Any way when your done there, paddle all the way across the lake until you see a cliff, follow the coastline left, and you'll be at a marina.

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map of the madawaska highlands
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this is an awesome route, ive done it twice, both times we were on a 5 day canoe trip and got to "bath tub" on the 2 day. HAve fun:)