Ontario Canoeing Regions Northern & Southern

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Northern Ontario Regions
Hudson Bay, James Bay James Bay south Northwest Wabakimi
Lake Superior basin Lake Superior coast Quetico

Hudson Bay, James Bay
Lake Superior Basin
Lake Superior coast
James Bay south
Southern Ontario Regions
North Channel Temagami French Algonquin Georgian Bay Coast and Killarney
Georgian Bay basin Ottawa South Central Southeast Southwest

North Channel
Georgian Bay coast
Georgian Bay basin
South Central

Ontario + Algonquin + Temagami + 06 Saguenay + Hudson Bay, James Bay north + James Bay south + Lake Superior basin + Lake Superior coast + North Channel + French + Georgian Bay coast + Georgian Bay basin + Ottawa + South Central + Southeast + Southwest

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Route Name Trip Log or Diary Technical Guide Photo Distance Durationsort ascending GPX File
Granite Lake to Little Caribou Lake
This ve
76 km 6 days
shumka to missanabie

Shumka Missa

85 km 5 days
Englehart River to Temiskaming
Hwy 11
120 km 5 days
Manitou Lakes Route
96 km 5 days
Larder River
This trip was decided on ma
The tak
40 km 5 days
White Lake to Cedar Lake
Hwy 17,
75 km 5 days
Goulais River Route
Hwy 17
54 km 5 days
Little Abitibi Provincial Park River Route
Neil Mille
Start a
158 km 5 days
Wabakimi - Allanwater Bridge to Tew Lake

Trip Journal kept at

62 km 5 days
Broken Arrow to Mexican Hat
Flew in (85 miles) at 8am t
Begin a
56 km 5 days
Start i
75 km 5 days
Flack Lake Figure Eight
Hwy 639
63 km 5 days
North Tea - Biggar - Three Mile - Manitou Loop
Canoe Trip to Algonquin in
Enter p
60 km 5 days
Foch-Nagagami Route 1

By t

90 km 5 days
Halliday Lake Circle Route

Thanks to Jonathan Bisho


74 km 5 days
Kukagami Lake – Carafel – Maskinonge – McCarthy Bay
We originally decided on a
82 km 5 days
Lonely - Maria Route
Day One
83 km 5 days
Missinaibi River - Missanabie to Peterbell
Town of
90 km 5 days
Restoule-Upper French Route
Sunday, 27 Jul 97
72 km 5 days
Matagamasi - Sturgeon R. - Rawson Lk - Laura Creek Loop

Matagamasi Lk. – Sturgeo


120 km 5 days
Stormy Lake to Pine Ridge Road
Start a
75 km 5 days
Goulais River Route 2

Section I 


70 km 5 days
Sturgeon River


70 km 5 days
Dogtooth Loop
52 km 5 days
South Woodland Caribou Loop
My son and I spent 8 days i
Drive 5
64 km 5 days
Greenleaf-White Partridge-Eustache
Rating Code Dist (m) From T
See det
70 km 5 days
Tatachikapika Route No. 1
Hwy 144
65 km 5 days
Beauty Lake to Ishapatina Ridge
Ishpatina Ridge, Ontario
60 km 5 days
Dowling River and Kirkness Creek Loop
Put in
75 km 5 days
Noganash Lake Loop
Start a
64 km 5 days
Sylvia Lake - The Edge
Drive 1
88 km 5 days
Booth- Round Island-Dickson-Opeongo River loop
60 km 5 days
North Tea Lake (Kawawaymog) to Cedar Lake (Brent) via Manitiou, Kioshkokwi and Cauchon Lake 73 km 5 days
George Lake to Boundary Lake
Trip was completed in Augus
Start a
75 km 5 days
Madawaska - Paddler Co-op to Griffith

30 km 5 days
Bala to Honey Harbour
Begin a
0 km 5 days
Diamond Lake to Obabika Lake
Park at
83 km 5 days
English River - Press Lake to Sioux Lookout


84 km 5 days
Spanish River (Duke Lake to Agnew Lake

Better to read through h


145 km 5 days
Kiosk - Mouse Lake Tour
Day 1: started at 12 noon a
Leave f
40 km 5 days