Ontario Canoeing Regions Northern & Southern

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Northern Ontario Regions
Hudson Bay, James Bay James Bay south Northwest Wabakimi
Lake Superior basin Lake Superior coast Quetico

Hudson Bay, James Bay
Lake Superior Basin
Lake Superior coast
James Bay south
Southern Ontario Regions
North Channel Temagami French Algonquin Georgian Bay Coast and Killarney
Georgian Bay basin Ottawa South Central Southeast Southwest

North Channel
Georgian Bay coast
Georgian Bay basin
South Central

Ontario + Algonquin + Temagami + 06 Saguenay + Hudson Bay, James Bay north + James Bay south + Lake Superior basin + Lake Superior coast + North Channel + French + Georgian Bay coast + Georgian Bay basin + Ottawa + South Central + Southeast + Southwest

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Route Name Trip Log or Diary Technical Guide Photo Distancesort ascending Duration GPX File
Stewart Lake Loop


20 km 2 days
Wolf/Victoria Lake - QEII Wildlands

Day 1 - Arrived at Acces


20 km 4 days
Twisty Lake to Bluegrass Lake


20 km 2 days
Big Creek Route
Hwy 24
20 km 1 days
Rock L. To Pen L
Starting at Access Point 9,
20 km 1 days
Serpentine Lake Loop

I have posted a detailed

20 km 2 days
Commanda Island Loop
This journal describes a tr
20 km 2 days
Kawarthas Highland Park Loop
About 5
20 km 2 days
Big Salmon - Clear Lake Route
August 15th 1995

Hwy 38
19 km 2 days
Nunikani Route
Hwy 35
19 km 2 days
Upper Credit River


18 km 1 days
Nith River
On Friday, March 29, 2002,
See tri
18 km 1 days
Grant’s Creek/Pooh Lake/Chateau Lake
11 Port
18 km 1 days
Beaver River Route
Grey Co
18 km 1 days
Rankin River Route
Hwy 6 s
18 km 1 days
Talon Lake Circle
Leave f
17 km 1 days
Kiosk to Mink
There and back – total port
Enter p
17 km 2 days
Long Lake to Cox Lake
Ask at the office at the be
Long La
16 km 2 days
Fenton Treeby Route
Lake Su
16 km 2 days
Shark Lake Route
North o
16 km 2 days
St. Nora- Sherborne Lake Route
16 km 2 days
Bissett Lake
Note: f
16 km 4 days
Conestogo River - Glen Allen to Hawkesville
On April 26, 2003, Matt, Hi
Put in
16 km 1 days
Muskoska River South Branch
Hwy 11
16 km 2 days
Rabbit Blanket Lake Loop
Start a
16 km 2 days
Shark Lake and Southern Ponds
15 km 3 days
McKewen Lake Loop
Hwy 35
15 km 2 days
Crowe River (Deer River)
The sta
15 km 1 days
Long Lake to Buzzard Lake
Take the Long Lake road off
North o
14 km 2 days
Grand River - The Oxbow
14 km 1 days
Mad River - Rainbow Campground to Edenvale
One Way Down the Mad Riv
Start a
14 km 1 days
Tim River - Longbow Lake
River travel: Novice to Tim
AP#2 to
14 km 3 days
Big Salmon Lake Route
Hwy 38
13 km 2 days
Running Creek
We started at Corrothers Co
This ro
13 km 1 days
Tim River Access 2 To Big BobLake
Surprisingly,after timing o
Tim Riv
12 km 4 days
Upper Speed
Upper S
12 km 2 days
Reed Lake (on the Bissett Lake route)
I was a
11 km 2 days
Little Laundrie to Big Marconi Lake

Canoe maps showed a port

10 km 2 days
Grand River - Paris to Brantford
10 km 1 days
Sydenham River

It w

10 km 1 days