Ontario Canoeing Regions Northern & Southern

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Northern Ontario Regions
Hudson Bay, James Bay James Bay south Northwest Wabakimi
Lake Superior basin Lake Superior coast Quetico

Hudson Bay, James Bay
Lake Superior Basin
Lake Superior coast
James Bay south
Southern Ontario Regions
North Channel Temagami French Algonquin Georgian Bay Coast and Killarney
Georgian Bay basin Ottawa South Central Southeast Southwest

North Channel
Georgian Bay coast
Georgian Bay basin
South Central

Ontario + Algonquin + Temagami + 06 Saguenay + Hudson Bay, James Bay north + James Bay south + Lake Superior basin + Lake Superior coast + North Channel + French + Georgian Bay coast + Georgian Bay basin + Ottawa + South Central + Southeast + Southwest

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Route Name Trip Log or Diary Technical Guide Photo Distance Durationsort ascending GPX File
Maitland River Route
Town of
72 km 3 days
Frontenac Provincial Park - Big Salmon-Little Salmon-Little Clear
I have a trip report for th
Our rou
9 km 3 days
Key River - Pickerel River
This summary is based on a
Start a
46 km 3 days
Montreal River to Matachewan
Edith L
64 km 3 days
Lang Lake to Whitefish Falls
Start a
41 km 3 days
Elliot Lake - Depot Lake
Start a
32 km 3 days
Lake George to Lake Muriel
Canoe G
28 km 3 days
McEwen Lake

Please see a detailed tr


10 km 3 days
French River - Upper End
Hwy 69
40 km 3 days
Kiosk, Mink, Whitebirch Loop
25 km 3 days
Kukagami - Carafel - Donald Lk Loop
Kukagami - Carafel - Donald
42 km 3 days
Bunyan Lake Loop
Acess a
34 km 2 days
Fenton Treeby Route
Lake Su
16 km 2 days
Spanish River - Elbow to Agnew Lake
See trip log for Duke Lake
52 km 2 days
Gloucester Pool-Georgian Bay
Sunsets are beautiful over
23 km 2 days
Magnetewan River South Branch
Hwy 124
35 km 2 days
Mackey Creek/McKenna Lake/Sweezy Lake
10 km 2 days
Six Mile Lake - Gibson Lake
Hwy 69
21 km 2 days
Vermillion River, Stobie Dam to Rat Lake
Father-daughter trip, Augus
28 km 2 days
Shabotik - Kwinkwaga Route
Start a
38 km 2 days
Wanapitei River - Killarney Road to Hartley Bay
Thanks to David Helsdon for
33 km 2 days
Grundy Lake - Backcountry sites
Check in at the front offic
From To
8 km 2 days
Summers Lake Loop


22 km 2 days
Head lake to long lake
Well I
25 km 2 days
Killarney - Walker lake to Van Winkle

The drive to Walker Lake

20 km 2 days
Spider Bay Loop
Hwy 69
36 km 2 days
Little Bonnechere River
Day One
35 km 2 days
McKewen Lake Loop
Hwy 35
15 km 2 days
Wolf Lake to Crab Lake
The Wolf Lake road isn`t la
West th
10 km 2 days
Spanish River - Pogamasing to the Elbow
This log is based on a trip
35 km 2 days
Big Creek Route No. 2
Hwy 21
40 km 2 days
Bell Lake loop through Balsam L.
Started out from Southern O
Turn We
23 km 2 days
Skootamatta River
Skootamatta River

The Sko
55 km 2 days
Little French River, Hall River, Mercer Lake
33 km 2 days
Herb and Gun Lakes Route


10 km 2 days
St. Nora- Sherborne Lake Route
16 km 2 days
Midway Lake
Put in
24 km 2 days
York River

After a short work day I


0 km 2 days
North Channel French River
Day 1 After an early start
enter n
20 km 2 days
Little Hawk Portages


7 km 2 days