Ontario Canoeing Regions Northern & Southern

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Northern Ontario Regions
Hudson Bay, James Bay James Bay south Northwest Wabakimi
Lake Superior basin Lake Superior coast Quetico

Hudson Bay, James Bay
Lake Superior Basin
Lake Superior coast
James Bay south
Southern Ontario Regions
North Channel Temagami French Algonquin Georgian Bay Coast and Killarney
Georgian Bay basin Ottawa South Central Southeast Southwest

North Channel
Georgian Bay coast
Georgian Bay basin
South Central


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Route Name Trip Log or Diary Technical Guide Photo Distance Duration GPX File
Bayfield River Route
Hwy 8 t
40 km 1 days
Big Creek Route
Hwy 24
20 km 1 days
Big Creek Route No. 2
Hwy 21
40 km 2 days
Big Otter Creek
On May 19, 2003, Mike and I
Hwy 43
30 km 1 days
Conestogo River - Glen Allen to Hawkesville
On April 26, 2003, Matt, Hi
Put in
16 km 1 days
Eramosa and Speed River
Start i
45 km 2 days
Grand River - Cambridge to Paris
Notes were taken during the
Put in
20 km 1 days
Grand River - Paris to Brantford
10 km 1 days
Grand River - The Oxbow
14 km 1 days
Maitland River Route
Town of
72 km 3 days
Nith River
On Friday, March 29, 2002,
See tri
18 km 1 days
Rankin River Route
Hwy 6 s
18 km 1 days
Running Creek
We started at Corrothers Co
This ro
13 km 1 days
Saugeen River Route
Start a
102 km 4 days
Thames River Route
Hwy 401
173 km 10 days
Upper Speed
Upper S
12 km 2 days
Upper Thames River
Start a
22 km 1 days
Thames River - North Branch

For detailed  infor

81 km 3 days
Sydenham River

It w

10 km 1 days