Across Algonquin

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215 km
12 days
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45325 m
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4570 m
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Not applicable
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Easy to get in at Kawawaymog, and easy to get picked up at Squirrel Rapids - these are both MNR maintained access points. The section of this trip between Francis Lake and Wenda Lake is quite remote, and for most of that time you are nowhere near an access point.

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This route crosses Algonquin Park starting from Access Point #1 (Kawawaymog) and ending at Squirrel Rapids on the Barron River. The route covers just about everything that the Park has to offer - large lakes, small lakes, river/creek travel (whitewater on the Petawawa if you're looking for it), lengthy portages, and spectacular scenery. The Barron Canyon was a major highlight of the trip, as was Lake Lavielle. We had lousy weather at the start of our trip and were behind our schedule until Francis Lake.

NOTE: There is a LOT of portaging on this route. Some of the portages along the Petawawa, on White Partridge Creek and Crow River are skippable, but there are still several lengthy portages that you must take.

The route we took is as follows:

Entry: Access Point #1 (Kawawaymog)
Day 1: North Tea Lake
Day 2: North Sylvia Lake
Day 3: Mouse Lake
Day 4: Cedar Lake
Day 5: Francis Lake
Day 6: Lake Lavielle (14 portages this day)
Day 7: White Partridge Lake
Day 8: Loonskin Lake (4.5km portage this day, plus two others)
Day 9: Wenda Lake
Day 10: St. Andrews Lake
Day 11: Barron River (Barron Canyon this day - spectacular!)
Exit Point: Squirrel Rapids (Barron River)

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Canoe Routes of Algonquin Park map<br />
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Looking back on this trip, I would either add an additional day to the section before Cedar Lake, or take the route that goes through Manitou and Kioshkowki. It would make the start of the trip more enjoyable.