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Route Name Trip Log or Diary Technical Guide Photo Distance Duration GPX File
Muskeg River
The Mus
17 km 1 days
Pine and Peace Rivers
Editor’s notes:
Ted Me
Pine Ri
833 km 17 days
Beaver River
Start a
151 km 5 days
lower Clearwater
Which trip? I have done thi
Fly in
0 km 6 days
Mackay River
The Mac
77 km 1 days
Blindman River
Start a
72 km 3 days
Jackson Kinnaird Loop
From pa
30 km 3 days
Lower Blindman River
We paddled this gentle rive
Put in
6 km 0 days
Red Deer River Content Bridge to Dry Island Buffalo Jump Provinical Park
We enjoyed a pleasant float
Put in
52 km 2 days
Red Deer River Innisfail to Waskasoo Creek
Paddled this solo in my rec
Put in
36 km 1 days
Red Deer River Waskasoo Creek to Joffre Bridge
I've paddled this route sev
Route s
38 km 1 days
Elbow River - Elbow Falls to Canyon Creek
Start b
3 km 1 days
Oldman River (Ft. Mcleod - Nolan's Bridge)
Darin & Jennifer Zandee
147 km 3 days
St. Mary River - Hwy 501 to Hwy 5
23 km 1 days
St. Mary River - US Border to Hwy 501
19 km 1 days
Waterton R. (Waterton Prk. - Waterton Res.)
Start a
29 km 3 days
Nation Lakes Chain
112 km 7 days
Peace River
in at H
120 km 3 days
Bowron Lakes Circuit
A clock
108 km 7 days
Clearwater - Azure Lakes
96 km 4 days
Flat Lake Canoe Route
20 km 2 days
Moose Valley Canoe Route
14 km 2 days
Murtle Lake (Wells Gray Park)
48 km 3 days
Nazco Lake Provincial Park
There a
5 km 1,800 days
Turner Lakes Chain
This ro
25 km 5 days
Eagle River Canoe Route
We saw lots of Bald Eagles
Put in:
25 km 1 days
Goldstream Canoe Route
Oct. 15/00
Clear autumn
18 km 1 days
Slocan Lake Canoe Route
North o
35 km 2 days
BC Inside Passage
Editor’s notes:
Ted Me
480 km 22 days
Powell Forest Canoe Route
Start a
57 km 5 days
Robson Bight
0 km 2 days
North Seal and Lower Seal
North Seal and Se
482 km 20 days
Bird River
Start a
34 km 1 days
Burntwood River
Start o
232 km 9 days
Deer River
We had Caribou cross the ri
120 km 5 days
Gods River
400 km 14 days
Grass River - Cranberry Portage to Paint Lake
370 km 14 days
Hayes River - Norway House to York Factory
Start a
585 km 20 days
Kississing / Churchill River
Dock at Whitefish Lake.Two
400 km 16 days
Little Pembina
10 km 2 days