Atikokan to Lac des Milles Lacs

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167 km
12 days
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10869 m
Longest Portage: 
2000 m
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Town of Atikokan at junction of Hwy 11B and Hwy 622
East on Atikokan River
P 700 m at municipal water plant around three waterfalls
P 200 m L arlong trestle
P 25 m R around rapid
P 150 m R along tracks
P 20 m over old logging bridge
P 25 m R
P 30 m L
P 100 m along road to public landing on Sapawe Lake
East through Sapawe Lake ianto Atikokan River
P 10 m across logging road
P 10 m to Whiskeyjack Lake
East through Whiskeyjack Lake
P 10 m across old logging bridge to Atikokan River
East on Atikokan River
P 700 m around falls to Magnetic Lake
East through Magnetic Lake and Crooked Pine Lake
At mid-point of Crooked Pine Lake, head north
P 1029 m to unnamed lake
North through unnamed lake
P 120 m to Mercutio Lake
Northeast through Mercutio Lake
South then east on Mercution River
P 1200 m L around long set of rapids
East on Mercutio River and east through Bedivere Lake
East on Mercutio River
P 10 m around old logging bridge
P 5 m over beaver dam
East through Relief Lake
P 5 m over beaver dam
P 1500 m to Boot Bay of Lac des Mille Lacs
(this portage is very difficult - wet, overgrown and hard to follow)
East then south through Lac des Mille Lacs
West through Baril Bay
P 2000 m to Atikokan River
P 30 m on Atikokan River
P 200 m R around rapid
P 50 m L around rapid
P 600 m to Edar Lake
West through Edar Lake
P 250 m to Chief Peter Lake
West on Atikokan River
P 10 m across old logging road
West through Crooked Pine Road
West through Magnetic Lake, Whiskeyjack Lake, Sabawi Lake
West on Atikokan River to finish at town of Atikokan

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52 B/11 Pickerel Lake 52 B/12 Quetico Lake 52 B/13 Atikokan 52 B/14 Sapawe 52 B/10 Bedivere Lake
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52 B/NW Marmion Lake 52 B/SW Lac des Mill Lacs (Provincial Series maps)