Barron Achray Route

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30 km
4 days
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4100 m
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740 m
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Arrange vehicle shuttle with Algonquin Portage Outfitters located on the Barron Canyon Rd. Before the Sand Lake Gate. $40 to pick up your vehicle from the Grand Lake/Achray Access point were you put in, and drive it to the Barron River Picnic Area were you will take out.

Day 1
After put in at Grand lake, paddle South to Carcajou Bay and Carcajou Falls.(1 hour)
Portage Right side of Falls 90m. Left portage overgrown and out of use.
Paddle 30m. Portage 120m into Lower Spectacle Lake.
Portage Left of swampy area at west end of lake 160m. Don`t try to get through creek into Upper Spectacle Lake, you won`t make it.
Make camp on Upper Spectacle Lake. Last Campsite on north shore was good.

Day 2
Return to Carcajou Bay along same route.(1 1/2 hours)
Paddle north and east to 30m portage into Stratton Lake.(1 hour)
Paddle east on Stratton Lake then north to High Falls.(1 hour)
After checking out High Falls, paddle south to South-East end of Stratton Lake. Portage 50m to St. Andrews Lake. (1 hour)
Paddle North on St. Andrews. Camp sites just past first point have sand beaches and are very nice. Make camp for night somewhere on St. Andrews Lake.

Day 3
Paddle to North end of St. Andrews Lake. Portage 550m to High Falls Lake. Very steep put in at High Falls Lake. Nice Water Fall East side of Portage.(1 hour)
Paddle north on High Falls Lake to 300m portage to Ooze Lake. (1 1/2 hours)
Paddle across Ooze Lake (5min.) Portage 650m to Opalescent Lake. (1 1/2 hours) Portage is very rocky and a lot of tree roots sticking up. Be Careful.
Make camp on Opalescent lake. Camp site on point half way down the south side of the lake is very large has a great rock beach you can dive off of and also has a complete set of Living room/Dinning room furniture made out of stone. I call this site "Bedrock" (ie. Flintstones)
We spent a very leisurely afternoon on Opalescent lake. It is very nice. You could continue through Opalescent Lake and go directly to Brigham Lake and the Barron Canyon instead of spending the night on Opalescent lake if you wished. It would be a long day though.

Day 4
Take 740m portage north into Brigham Lake. This is the longest portage but the footing is not to bad.(1 hour)
Paddle East across Brigham Lake to 100m portage around Dam.
Paddle 100m to 440m portage around Brigham Chute and Falls. Very nice falls. Put in is very steep, take your time. Canoe can be put in about half way along portage and run down easy swift/class 1 rapid.(1 1/2 hours)
Paddle east through the Barron Canyon. The river current is very slow so you can paddle back up river easy if you want a second look at the canyon.
Continue down the Barron River to Cache Rapids portage. (1 - 3 hours) Depends on how much time you want to take looking at the Canyon.
Portage 420m around rapids.
Paddle to Barron River Picnic area take out located on River Left before Bridge. (1 hour)

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Algonquin Barron / Achray Adventure Map© by Chrismar Mapping Services
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All times listed are with no wind and the portages were dry.
All times assume portages were double carries (ie. there, back, there again.)

Add time if you stop to se the sites along the way.
You could spend a lot of time at High Falls on a nice day. Good swimming, water slide, etc.


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Thanks! I'd like to try it, great map!