Black River North

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Glenn Suggitt
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8 km
1 days
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75 m
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0 m
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Not applicable
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East of Washago, out RT 6 to the Queen Elizabeth Wildlands. Car is fine just take it easy on the road.Road is not open in the early spring due to flooding.e Upstream on the Black River from the last bridge at the falls. Put in upstream from the bridge.

There is a lot going on in a short section of river. Three or four sections of fast water and three rapids. Lined them all going up, beautiful falls campsite past the last set of rapids.

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What a great solo trip! Cuddles (my dog),(not a six foot blonde) and I had a wonderful time. Nice rock about 5 or 6 KM in to climb and as I said outstanding sandy campsite at the falls, good swimming. Ran all the rapids, except one coming out, but that will depend on water levels of course. Ignore the no camping signs, it's meant to discourage the ATV crowd.

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Its on a river, you don\'t need a map. Although if you plan on going on th South and North Longford Lakes you should take one.
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Very nice day trip or overnighter at the falls and completely isolated, no roads , no people, just the way I like it. You might be able to access South and North Longford Lakes but I never went that far.


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I am looking to paddle this route but I can't seem to find it on Google Maps. Could anyone help?

Post date: Thu, 01/29/2009 - 23:24



You mention park wardens. I am not familiar with this river. What is the name of the park that the wardens patrol? I can not find a park on my map for this river.


Post date: Fri, 11/28/2008 - 15:13


This is in regards to this person's last comment - "Ignore the no camping signs, it\'s meant to discourage the ATV crowd". The signs are put there for a reason and apply to everyone, ATVers, campers, canoeists, etc. If you are found camping in areas posted for no camping the fine is $155.00 per person but the wardens normally charge only one in the party. Park wardens patrol the area on a regular basis from the May long weekend to the big game hunting seasons.

Hank van Luit