Bonaventure River

CanadaQuebec01 South Gaspé
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Christian Cotz
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June 2007
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125 km
6 days
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1000 m
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300 m
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Not applicable
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Not applicable
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Great trip. We ran it 2nd week of June 2007. Good water level, few bugs, great weather. We paddled 17' boats solo. At the top, very narrow, shallow, and twisty. Difficult (but far from impossible)for the first mile or so in the heavier-packed long boats, then no problem. Log jams are the only reason for portaging. The first and longest one is a good 300 yards at least. Found the easiest way around was to just drag/pull/push/float the boats over and through the jams - watch your footing!!! 2 or 3 other smaller jams are less than 100 yards and you can scoot your boats right around them with a little sweat and teamwork. We never unloaded any of the boats. Rapids are great. Mostly Is and IIs and nothing big (but still a lot of fun stuff) until you enter the gorge section (Kicking Horse Pass). One blind turn leads into a good III. Lots of good ledge drops and fun IIs and IIIs in the Pass. Nothing that can't be run. Scouting is advisable on the bigger stuff. Down from the gorge it's less exciting, but still a very beautiful and worthwhile paddle. River seems to have more than its share of pointy rocks - we saw a couple of punctured canoes along the banks. Loosing a boat and trying to get out of that area would be tough - pretty remote. Current is strong through the whole river and pulls you along even with a headwind. Campsites throughout the river are very nice. Saw bear, beaver, birds, etc. The water is the loveliest shade of emerald green and is crystal clear. 6 days, 5 nights allowed us to do this without pushing at all. Suggest calling/emailing Cime Adventures to set up a shuttle, and also campsite for the night before and after the trip. The shuttle to the top of the river is a 4 hour drive (one-way) on logging roads from the town of Bonaventure. Cime's rates for the shuttle are fair and certainly worth it. If you're coming from somewhere else, buy your booze outside of Quebec - they'll rape you with their prices. Definitely a river I'll be on again.

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