Brightsand River Provincial Park

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Steve Pelton
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62 km
3 days
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1455 m
Longest Portage: 
400 m
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Brightsand River starting from Alysworth Lake
Access off the Graham Road on small spur road on left at KM 52
Small brown sign on left
Landing on Alysworth Lake is rocky and steep, but a nice clearing.
Room to park vehicle past landing opening.
49°28'35.28"N 90°24'53.88"W
Cross Alysworth Lake to the west and north to first portage, 400m on left before rapids (marked with pink tape). Trail had been cleared several years ago, 2 down trees to get past.
49°31'38.05"N 90°30'43.04"W
At the end of the portage, there is a natural tendency to follow the open water straight west, but need to paddle North to below the rapids to find the river channel.
Go through Twining Lake to the North West. Follow river to the big bay at the South West end of the route. Follow the right (North) shoreline to avoid getting confused in the islands and bays straight ahead and to the left. The river turns North towards Moberly lake.
Passed first fly-in outpost cabin – nobody there
Found our first camp on the right
49°31'46.93"N 90°33'42.13"W
Great camp site! Nice fire pit at the top of the bank, table between trees and nice soft mossy area for tents. Lots of down trees for fire wood and a big cross cut saw was hanging on a tree!
Woke to the sound of a loon calling. Water was still at sunrise.
Never found the next camp marked on the map before the nature preserve.
Short paddle to first portage -260M on right.
49°37'10.58"N 90°34'35.14"W
Then another short portage – 260M on right
49°37'20.13"N 90°34'26.69"W
Stopped for lunch on a nice sandy point on the before entering the South end of Little Metionga Lake
49°39'4.58"N 90°33'41.12"W
Paddled North then North East to the portage to Metionga Lake.
Passed Second fly-in outpost cabin – nobody there
Easy to see opening on right of rapids.
49°41'51.28"N 90°30'17.61"W
Entered the biggest open water on the South shore of Metionga Lake
Passed last fly-in outpost cabin – nobody there
Crossed the open water to the East while hugging the South shoreline through the islands.
Tricky to navigate through the islands to the North East to cut across Brightsand Lake
Could not find the camp site marked on the North East end of Brightsand Lake, but found a nice beach for our camp at 49°44'44.38"N 90°22'12.46"W – not a lot of space for the tents, but made a fire pit on the beach for a campfire before the rain chased us to the tents.
Woke to calm waters and packed the wet tents
Headed North East on the glacial cut lakes and rivers to the next portage at
49°45'47.15"N 90°21'15.30"W
Portage is poorly marked on the left. Big stone landing. 200M - Poorly maintained portage trail. Many people must run the rapids.
Detail map marked rapids that we did not see. Easy to get confused on the zig-zag route.
The final portage is around the Brightsand River Road bridge is easy to see on the left at
49°47'46.06"N 90°17'47.57"W
Final paddle across the lake, behind the island to the landing at
49°48'1.96"N 90°16'43.58"W
Where we had parked our other truck
This was our base camp for our last night

Special Comments: 

August 10-12 2013. No fly-in fisherman. Fishing good below rapids.