Broken Arrow to Mexican Hat

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56 km
5 days
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3240 m
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600 m
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Trip requires flight two directions. Could paddle out in extra two days to Leono Lake vehicle takeout making it one way fly in.

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Begin at Broken Arrow Lake NW corner to begin easterly trip across WCPP to end up at Medicine Hat Lake.

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Flew in (85 miles) at 8am to NW corner of Broken Arrow Lake began canoe, easy P 300m in Haggart. Continue east on Haggart (outpost NC Haggart) , then north along Haggart River. Overnight 2nd chute (south of) above Bulging Lake, one tent only site.
2 easy chutes to Bulging Lake then east to P's 200m, 150m, 300m, then south, 100m, and 30m into Adventure Lake for night two on Y shaped Island in SW corner, room for 3 tents. Most portages obvious but must watch carefully for beginings. Excellent fire and burn ecology on portages.
NE on Adventure Lake to P 275 m and the final P 375 m into Haggart Lake.
375 m into Haggart a brute with numeorus windfall obliterating portage. Night 3 on east tip of large easterly mid lake point, room for 3 tents. Haggart excellent walleye fishing for us, south of major easterly point to first large island and two smaller specks islands with rock reefs.
NE out of Haggart to P 600 M, good blueberries(7/26), wet at end into Cyclops. River portage complex into Rostoul Lake
starts with short portages then if water low at end a hassle of shallow water and rock with no land portage around until Rostoul reached.
Rostoul Lake begins major canoe route zone. P 275 m to Hanson Lake,night 4 first island point site just south of long SW lake finger on west end of Hanson. Faint Pictographs 3/4 way down on north side of SW Hanson Lake arm. Old outpost on east side of Hanson.
Portage route from Hanson to Glenn has changed check with MNR on details. New route easy and well trampled. 100m, 150m, and 40m portages to Mexican Hat. Nights 5 and 6 NW corner of Mexican Hat, room for 3-4 tents. South shore deep for Lakers. Another excellent campsite at base of Falls SE corner of Mexican Hat (3-4 tents).
Flew back to Red Lake 45 miles.

Maps Required
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Rostoul Lake (52L/15) Garner Lake (52 L/14)
Special Comments: 

Lake Trout and Northern Pike water only in west side of park, walleye begins at Haggart Lake and south and east.
Campsites not always obvious, most room for 1 tent maybe 2 unless otherwise noted.
Wind on big lakes can be a real problem be aware of and allow time for.
No designated or developed campsites and portages can be hard to see start of.