Brokenmouth/Wenasaga River loop

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110 km
6 days
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4500 m
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600 m
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Simly drive north of Ear Falls 70 Km Since this is a loop trip you will return to your vehicle. There is a pulloff by the putin where you can park on the remote logging road.

Technical Guide: 

Put in is 75km North/west of Ear Falls on Wenasaga Road. There is a pull off spot on the right side of the road (east) 100 metres before Jubilee creek. A trail leads out of it to Jubilee lake. Do not try to paddle up Jubilee creek it is a tangle of logs and rocks.
Portage 1km to Jubilee lake.
Paddle south/east across Jubilee Lake.
Paddle upstream on creek in south/east corner of lake.
Portage 300m right
Portage 200m right
Portage 75m right
Paddle across small and up creek in south east corner
Portage 300m right
Paddle east on lake (elevation 405)
Portage 300m between lake 405 and lake 418 at shortest distance between lakes, do not try and paddle up creek, much faster to portage between lakes
Paddle 4km up lake
Portage 600m between lakes (good trail located in bay just north of point on east shore of lake)
Paddle to east end of lake (camp on lake)
Carry down rocks 50m
Carry down rocks 50m
Paddle through two small lake
Good camp site at narrows between lakes
Carry down rocks 200m on east channel of Brokenmouth River
Paddle 4km across lake
Portage 100m left
Paddle 500m on Brokenmouth River
Portage 100m down rocks
Next narrows wade down shallow rapids then portage 50m on rocks
Paddle 2km across lake (lots of ducks and moosy)
Next 3km of river has 10 small rapids requiring a combination of carrys, lining, liftovers
Paddle across lake 405 campsite and small beach in north corner
Lift and line 300m very neat area with huge boulders and water purculating between rocks, could be a problem in high h2o
Portage 75 metre right around shute
Nice campsite on point in narrow 200m below shute
Portage 50m left
Portage 100m right
Line and lift over 50m
After puddle 3-4 small rocky rapids that require comination of bump and grind, liftovers, and lining
Paddle east 3km on lake 395
Portage right 150m
Paddle 1.5km on lake 405
Portage 150m to small lake
Paddle 500m
Portage 500m
Paddle 2.5km
Portage 75m into Sesikinaga Lake
Sesikinaga Lake has many nice campsites and islands
Paddle to northeast corner of lake and down Sesikinaga River
Liftover trappers bridge then line and run 200m
Paddle under hydro lines
Paddle across small lake
Portage 300m right
Paddle 2km
Portage 400m right trail overgrown
Portage 250m right or line or run depending on water
3 rocky riffles before Marsh lake
Paddle 4km across Marsh Lake to River
Run top 150m then portage right 40m
Marsh and Margaret Lakes have poor camping
Only decent site is on island in south bay of Margaret
Paddle across Margaret
Portage right 50m or run
Paddle under hydro lines and winter bridge
Nice campsite in northwest bay of Allison Lake
Camps on Allison, Margaret and Sesikinaga Lakes
Paddle across Allison Lake
Liftover 30m
Paddle 6km down Wenasaga River
Portage left 50m or run'
2 1' ledges
Portage left 50m, 6' ledge
Portage left or run 300m class 2
1' ledge
Portage right 75m or liftover logs and run class 2
Line right 75m or run (beware of canoe eater rock dead center in channel)
Line right or run class 2, beware of log
To finish trip either paddle up Jubilee creek to vehicle(only in high h2o, lots of logs) or take out at trail at last rapids carry to road and walk 1km to vehicle

Maps Required
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52 N/1 52-O/4 52 K/16
Special Comments: 

This circle route is composed primarily of two River systems, the Brokenmouth and Wenasaga Rivers. Both rivers are traveled downsteam with two short hight of land areas that include creeks and moderate length portages. The two rivers are completely different in character. The Brokenmouth is a small river with many short rapids and senic shutes that require a combination of lining, liftovers, wading and draging (in low water), and some trecherous portages. Most of the portages are nonexistent and are simply a carry down the side of the river over boulder strewn over flow channels. I consider myself extremely sure footed but still found myself going for numous tumbles as I carried packs and canoes down these trecherous rocks. This is not a trip for those who don't enjoy a hard carry. Although the portages are short most of them are either nonexistent or overgrown. All this said the Brokenmouth is a fabuluous rocky little river and in the spring has lots of highly technical rapids. In low water this translates into countless short grinding crucnching rocky rapids. Don't even think of taking a kevlar or non ABS canoe on this river, it won't survive the trip unless you take two weeks for the brokenmouth alone. Although I don't know how the Brokenmouth got its name it is very aptly named. It could also be named brokenleg, bruised shin,or battered body:) All this said it is a beautiful little River with only a few tourist camps and fantastic fishing. Below one falls I caught 20+ Walleye while I waited for the rest of the group to finishing the 75 metre portage. Campsites can be difficult to find as it is never traveled and was burned 20-30 years ago.
The return on the Wenasaga river is an entirely different trip. The Wenasaga also has rocky techinical rapids but they are often longer. The Wenasag is not as remote and has fly in camps on 4-5 of the lakes. It is also a much swampier area which means more bugs and lots of moose sightings. The fishing was generally not as good as the Brokenmouth. The portages however existed (unlike the Brokenmouth) and most were decent by NW Ontario standards. All in all a very nice trip, with excellent fishing, many beautiful lakes and rapids, lots of rocky short portages/bush crashes. Not recomended for those without lots of portaging experience and must be in excellent shape.