Burntwood River

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232 km
9 days
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3100 m
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2000 m
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Start off Lynn Lake Train between Takipy and Charles just where the Kississing River makes a sharp bend to the NE. Coordinates Map 63N-7: 747512.Put in at the little Rapids near the old cabin.If you´re late better camp right here, otherwise you have to paddle the 15km to Flatrock Lake where one can camp right at the Portage on RL!P 30m RL.
Paddle east and south trough Flatrock Lake 10km into the little Bay where you have to pull over several Beaverdam´s in order to reach the head of the P 2000m Burntwood Carrying Place at high ground at the left side of the little creek, not as marked at the map!
Coordinates Map 63N-10: 887552.
First part good trail, then crossing little creek and wet area and about halfway over the Portage you come to some sort of crossroads. Don´t follow the inviting trail to the left but head straight into the willowy and wet trail a short distance and again don´t branch off to the left, instead follow the right trail wich finally leads up a little hill. From some higher point there you can see Burntwood Lake in the distance. You might also see some old log rollers and branches up and down the hill confirming you´re on the right trail. After a final dash trough willows and wet ground you finally reach Burntwood Lake at a weedy Bay. Took us four hour´s!
Paddle about 60km over beatyful Burtwood Lake to outlet of Burntwood River.Paddle another 35km on Burntwood River trough a couple of riffles and along some high rocky cliffs to Carrot Rapids. Heavy Rapids, wade and line down on RR - no Portage due to old Burn!Bad Camping here. Paddle another 2.5km to Eagle Rapids.Camp on RR at head of rapids, no Portage due to old Burn! First scout from the rocks on RR, then carefully navigate down first part of Rapids on far RL along the steep cliff and quickly move to RR again and land there well above the second unrunable part. Line down short distance along steep rocks on RR and portage rest for some 50m along bare rock at the rivers edge.
Paddle 5km to Rapids. Very tricky, better take short P 50m on RL over Island, then paddle short distance, land on RR and line down first part and run last part. After that easy Rapids around right corner.
Paddle 4km to Moose Rapids, runable Class 1+.
Paddle 4.5km to Clay Rapids, do not run this one. Good P 400m on RL right at head of rapids. Good camping at lower end off P-trail towards the river, but expect lots of bugs here!
Paddle 33km to Driftwood Rapids. Good campspot on Point on RR just at head of Rapid.At higher waterlevels good camping at high rocky point off Portagetrail on RL. Note all the Driftwood circling around the little Island in the big Eddy! The two bars on the map markes an nice straightforward run trough a chute. May scout form the said high rocks.The one bar named Driftwood Rapids markes an very dangerous short Rapid and is best P 50m RL over the jumble of high Rocks.
Paddle 3km to Grindstone Rapids. Very rocky, easy P 20m over Rocks on RR.
Paddle 12km to Leaf Rapids, heavy boil - good P 100m RL.
Paddle 1.5km to Kettle Rapids.P 50m RL over bare rocks, at higher waterlevels use trail trough woods.
Paddle 2.0km to Gate Falls.Spectacular Place for the River squeezes trough very narrow gorge. P 150m RR, good camping at lower end.
Paddle 4.5km to Jackpine Portage, P RL 200m.
Paddle 0.5km to Island Falls. Because of the Hydroprojects downriver from Threepoint Lake this Falls are rather Class 1+ Rapids now and easely navigable.
From here on all Rapids marked on the map down to Threepoint Lake are nonexistent now and drowned!
Paddle 25km to Threepoint Lake and another 15km to Nelson House. Make shure to use the 1:250.000 map crossing Threepoint Lake because the 1:50.000 maps were printed before the Dam´s!
End Trip at public Dock in Nelson House.Short walking distance to the supermarket from here.

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63 N/7 63 N/10 63 N/8 63 N/12 63 O/-5 63 O/6 63 O/11 63 O/15
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63N 63O
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Good trip for solitude and historical reasons.
The only people you probably meet are fishermen from Burntwood Lodge and they don´t get farther then Carrot Rapids!There are no sign´s of campfire´s or other sign´s of recent use. Natives in Nelson House said this strech is very seldom canoed nowaday´s. They go in in the wintertime to trap but not in the summer.
We asked around in Nelson House and easily hired somebody to drive us and canoes to Paint Lake from where we paddled the lower Grass River to the Kelsey Dam on the Nelson River and over to the Railwaytracks from where we take the Churchill Train back to The Pas.