Cameron River to Prelude Lake

CanadaNorthwest TerritoriesGreat Slave
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110 km
10 days
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Access by air from Yellowknife
Start at south end of Gordon Lake
Small River to Lee Lake (several portages)
Optionally - follow winter road portage to bypass river
South through Lee Lake
P around rapids at outlet
P 250 m R around another set of rapids
Confluence with Cameron River
Many unmarked rapids in this section
South through Dome Lake
South on Cameron River
P around 2 sets of rapids
South through Pensive Lake
South on Cameron River towards Tibbet Lake
(many portages in high water / impossible in low water)
Alternate to this section:
P 400 m from Pensive Lake to small slough
P 250 m along winter road to Ross Lake
East through Ross Lake
South on Cameron River (rapids / lining / portages)
South through Saunders Lake
To Upper Terry Lake (2 options)
Ross River / Trough Lake / Terry Lake (4 portages)
Or 2 portages direct to Upper Terry
South through Upper Terry Lake and Terry Lake
Southwest to Reid Lake
West through Reid Lake
P around Falls at outlet of Reid Lake
West on Cameron River
P 300 m R around Cameron Falls (caution at take-out!)
West into Prelude Lake
Finish at Powder Point - road access to Yellowknife

Maps Required
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Gordon Lake South 85 I/14 Hearne Lake 85 I/6 Prelude Lake 85 I/12 Yellowknife Bay 85 J/8 Ross Lake 85 I/11 Jennejohn Lake 85 I/5 Prosperous lake 85 J/9
Topo Maps (1:250,000): 
85 ? Hearne Lake 85 J Yellowknife