Cameron River to Yellowknife

CanadaNorthwest TerritoriesGreat Slave
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157 km
12 days
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Access by air from Yellowknife
Start at south end of Gordon Lake
Small River to Lee Lake (several portages)
Optionally - follow winter road portage to bypass river
South through Lee Lake
P around rapids at outlet
P 250 m R around another set of rapids
Confluence with Cameron River
Many unmarked rapids in this section
South through Dome Lake
South on Cameron River
P around 2 sets of rapids
South through Pensive Lake
South on Cameron River towards Tibbet Lake
(many portages in high water / impossible in low water)
Alternate to this section:
P 400 m from Pensive Lake to small slough
P 250 m along winter road to Ross Lake
East through Ross Lake
South on Cameron River (rapids / lining / portages)
South through Saunders Lake
To Upper Terry Lake (2 options)
Ross River / Trough Lake / Terry Lake (4 portages)
Or 2 portages direct to Upper Terry
South through Upper Terry Lake and Terry Lake
Southwest to Reid Lake
West through Reid Lake
P around Falls at outlet of Reid Lake
West on Cameron River
P 300 m R around Cameron Falls (caution at take-out!)
West into Prelude Lake
West through Prelude Lake
West through River lake
West through Prosperous Lake
Follow Yellowknife River to Yellowknife Bay
Finish at Town of Yellowknife

Maps Required
Topo Maps (1:50,000): 
Gordon Lake South 85 I/14 Hearne Lake 85 I/6 Prelude Lake 85 I/12 Yellowknife Bay 85 J/8 Ross Lake 85 I/11 Jennejohn Lake 85 I/5 Prosperous lake 85 J/9
Topo Maps (1:250,000): 
Hearne Lake 85J Yellowknife 85J