Cedar Lk. - Petawawa Riv. - Catfish Lk. - Burntroot Lk - Nipissing Riv.

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Vincent Gendron Rossignol
Trip Date : 
Sept. 2-5 2016
Additional Route Information
69 km
4 days
Loop Trip: 
Portage Information
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Total Portage Distance: 
11400 m
Longest Portage: 
2345 m
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Route Description
Access to Put-In Information: 

The road to acces Brent is named Brent Rd. and is around 45 minutes of well maintained gravel road. Carefull with speed, lots of moose and lots of tricky curves. Sign-in is at the very beginnig of the road and closes at 4pm on weekdays, so make sure to arrive before it closes.

Arrived the nigh before the trip (sept 1st 2016) at Brent to stay the night at a Drop-Off camp. The campsite was clean with acces to drinkable water and Cedar Lk. Plenty of parking space.

Technical Guide: 

Day 1: Cedar Lk. (Brent Put-In), up Petawawa Riv. ( P695m, P300m, P2345m, P170m), Narrowbag Lk., P80m to Catfish Lk, Camp. Total:13400m

Day 2: Catfish Lk., up Petawawa Riv. (P360m, P455m, P85m, P360m), Perley Lk., P155m to Burntroot Lk., Camp. Total:12400m

Day 3: Burntroot Lk., P1310m to Robinson Lk., P25m to Whiskeyjack Lk., P480m to Remona Lk., P1930m to Nipissing Riv., P850m down Nipissing Riv., Camp. Total:13200m

Day 4: Down Nipissing Riv. (P365m, P110m, P180m, P230m, P915m), Cedar Lk. (Back to Brent) Total:30100m

Trip Journal/Log/Report/Diary: 

Correction to both maps suggested below: The portage from Whiskeyjack Lk. to Remona Lk. is at the north part of the lake, not midway.