Clearwater Circle Route No. 1

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Additional Route Information
31 km
4 days
Loop Trip: 
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Total Portage Distance: 
6111 m
Longest Portage: 
1500 m
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Not applicable
Lake Travel: 
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Bending Road off Hwy 17 - access at south end of Clearwater Lake West
Northwest through Clearwater West Lake into stream
P 30 m R along steam around rapids / beaver dam
P 12 m R along stream
West through Style Lake
P 150 m R around rapids and log chute into Grey Trout Lake
Northwest through Grey Trout Lake
P 330 m into unnamed lake
West through unnamed lake
P 210 m into Crook Lake
North through Crook Lake
P 450 m along a chain of small lakes
P 330 m along a chain of small lakes
P 30 m along a chain of small lakes toward Secret Lake
P 65 m from small lake chain to Secret Lake
P 189 m along a small chain of lakes heading south
P 750 m along a small chain of lakes
P 3 m around beaver dam
P 1500 m along a chain of small lakes (or pull over series of beaver dams)
P 90 m from lake chain into Grey Trout Lake
Southeast through Grey Trout Lake
P 150 m into Style Lake
P 12 m along stream
P 30 m L along stream around rapids and beaver dam
Southeast through Clearwater West Lake to finish

Maps Required
Topo Maps (1:50,000): 
52 F/1 Pekanoging 52 C/16 Manion Lake 52 G/4 White Otter 52 B/13 Atikokan
Other Maps: 
52 B/NW Marmion Lake 52 F/SE Gold Rock 52 C/NE Seine River< (Provincial Series maps)