Credit river

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bill holland
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100 m
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50 m
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Credit River how can this river not be listed in any Paddling sight about southern ontario
Easy place to put in is the car park just south of Derry road (bit hard to get to have to come off Mavis south of derry north of 401)
the river is easy paddle here good warm up for down stream. once you get down to about eglinton the river starts to move hope you can do white water because from here to the QEW the river moves then its flat water the last mile or so to port credit (you need a pick up from here)
Note; the river gets very shallow fast go early spring or after a heavy rain
PS when you get to the golf course were the man made rocky rapids are "if you are wereing shorts" DO NOT CARRY YOUR KAYAK THROUGH THE LONG GRASS my pioson Ivy should be gone by next week end I hope!!


Post date: Mon, 11/24/2014 - 10:17


If you're looking for more detail on paddling the credit in assorted water levels over the years, you can check out the Virtual Voyageur logs for the Credit River at

Post date: Tue, 08/06/2013 - 01:20


Decided to try the route from Dundas (Erindale park) to Port Credit Aug 4, 2013 after reading about how it was a gentle paddle in a Globe and Mail article. Always wanted to try it, and it seemed like the journalist had actually done it easily (with 3 young kids.) I find that hard to believe now... we had to get out often to pull the canoe through shallows, but more concerning were rapids that I would say were level 3. We had to portage around them because we had a passenger, and the golfers were shooing us off their green grass as we tried to avoid what could have been a dangerous situation for us. My main complaint is that the route required more skill than suggested. We'll go back (without a passenger) to work on our paddling skills, but it is not for beginners. There are some areas that cannot be passed at this time of year without walking the canoe.