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90 km
6 days
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5543 m
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1170 m
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Restoule Provincial Park 75 km southwest of North Bay on Hwy 534
P 35 m across point (optional - can paddle around instead)
North on Restoule River
P 90 m around Grawbarger rapids
West on Patterson (Stormy) Lake
West on Restoule River
P 270 m L around Scott`s Dam
West through Lennon Lake
South into Portage Creek (Woodcock Creek)
P 1170 m L beside creek
South through Portage Lake (Brownell Lake)
P 340 m R to Smith`s Bay on Sag Lake
West through Sag Lake (Memesagemesing Lake)
P 315 m L around Sag Dam
West on Playfair Lake
P 190 m R around old logging dam
West on Sag River
P 70 m L around rapid
P 235 m R around rapid and old logging dam
P 45 m around small rapid
P 115 m R
P 990 m L across rock outcrop
P 90 m L around log jam
P 135 m R
Northeast on Sag River
P 215 m to French River
Northeast towards Restoule Bay
P 300 m
East on Restoule River
P 730 m around scenic gorge and rapids
East on Restoule River
P 270 m L around McArthurs` Rapids
East through Lennon Lake
Southeast through Patterson Lake (Stormy Lake)
P 90 m around Grawbarger Rapids
South on Restoule River
P 36 m (optional - can paddle around point instead)
Finish at Restoule Provincial park

Maps Required
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31 L/4 Nipissing 41 I/1 Noelville
Other Maps: 
French River Provincial Park map - shows all campsites and portages