Dowling River and Kirkness Creek Loop

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75 km
5 days
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7000 m
Longest Portage: 
1500 m
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Route Description
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a very easy good put in with an excellent gravel road to it.

Technical Guide: 

Put in at Stormer Lake access 73 km north on Nungessor road. 80 km north of Red Lake.
Paddle 7km across Stormer and Kirkness Lakes to Kirkness creek
Portage 400m right
Portage 80m left
Portage 80m left
Paddle across Waxwing lake
Next 4km of Kirkness creek has 10 -15 rapids varying in length from 30-800m. In low h2o would be a killer requiring lots of wading, bush crashes and lining
Next 2km of river 10-15 log jambs and pullovers
Lots of wildlife in this area
Not many good campsites on river
Portage 80m left after river widens and straightens out
Portage 80m right
Portage 150m left at bend in river, well back from bend
Paddle 13km across Dowling and into Hornblendite Lake
Paddle up Dowling river in South east corner of Hornblendite lake
Portage 160m left
Portage 150m left
Portage 150m right
Paddle 1 km up river
Portage 200m right
Portage 20m right
Portage 120m right
Portage 350m right
Portage 600m left below falls across corner in river
Portage 150m left
Paddle 2km across lake
Pull up riffle
100m Pull up rapids
2km paddle across lake
Portage left 70m
Lift over 2 ledges
Paddle 4km up Harding lake
Paddle up Dowling river in South shore
River very windy lots of logs across
Recomend paddling additional 1km into heart shaped lake
Excellent fishing on lake
Portage 300m into lake
Portage back again inot river
Paddle 1km down river to 3rd east bend in River
Portage 700m
Paddle across puddle
pull into Elizabeth Lake 379
Paddle down Elizabeth creek Paddle across lake
Portage 1300m from corner of lake and creek into small lake to north/east
Paddle across puddle
Portage 250m into 382 Lake
Paddle 4km across 382 Lake
Portage 1500m
Paddle across Kirkness Lake and Stormer Lake to put in

Maps Required
Topo Maps (1:50,000): 
52 N/12 52 M/8 52 M/9
Special Comments: 

This route should be only run in high h2o. Kirkness creek needs a sturdy canoe, kevlar would be a right off. Dowling is a very pretty little river with lots of wildlife and excellent fishing.