Drag River - Burnt River

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65 km
2 days
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2272 m
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430 m
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Not applicable
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Hwy 121 through Kinmount - turn right on Route No. 1 towards Gelert.
North of Gelert, at the bridge over the Irondale River, turn left to Canning Lake Dam
Start at Canning Lake Dam (P 100 m L to dam)
South on Drag River
P 172 m L (or Line / Wade)
P 300 m L (or Line / Wade)
Junction of Drag River / Burnt River - continue south on Burnt River
P 390 m R
South on Burnt River
P 330 m L around Three Brothers Falls
P 235 m R around Kinmount Dam
P 40 m R
p 375 m R
p 60 m R
P 60 m L
P 430 m R
P 240 m R
P 40 m R
South on Burnt River
West on Rosedale River
West across Balsam Lake to finish at Balsam Lake Prov. Park


Post date: Fri, 08/28/2020 - 09:37


My sister and I went from Furnance Falls to Centennial Park in Burnt River last year (2019) in August. There is a canoe routes map that you can get from the Kawartha Lakes Region, email them and ask and they will send it. It was updated in 2015 I believe.

We left started at funrance falls on a Saturday at about 10 am. Portage Jacobs Ladder (a neat place) and Three Brothers (keep your eyes peeled for the put in at Three Brother, we continued down the road awhile before we realized we missed it). Stopped in Kinmount for some fish and chips, and continued. Ran the rapids after Kinmount dam, and then camped at the next protage. We could not find any of he campsites which are marked on the Canoe Routes maps, they must be pretty overgrown these days. We had to camp on likely private property at the portage (number 6 on the map) which was a really nice spot, but would probably prefer not to trespass. 

Next day we left early, portaged high falls (stopped to play in the rapids a bit, until i came out covered in little leaches). Ran portage 8, portaged 9 (there is another possible camp site at portage 9). Ran portage 10 but it can be difficult  depending on water levels and your experience. Ended at centennial park.

My sister and I grew up on the farm across from Centenial Park and spent our days in the rapids just north of there, so we know that stretch stretch pretty well.  We are doing this route again this weekend but starting from Dahl Forest. I will keep my eyes peeled for the campsites this time and report.

Post date: Wed, 04/07/2010 - 21:07


My Wife and I and another couple did a portion of the burnt river last august we put in in kinmount around 11:00Am and went down to the 11th conc its the first bridge you come to after kinmount. We took our time ate lunch at High Falls and were done about 2:00pm. It really is a beautiful part of the river. Some of the portage banks can be steep. This year we are going to go from kinmount upstream to three brothers falls which is also a nice light paddle ? 2hours then paddle back down to the 11th. After seeing some of the pictures we took we have other paddling friends wanting to go this year

Post date: Tue, 06/23/2009 - 14:53


We went June 2009. The water level kept us from passing a series of small rapids at the top of the Drag. We had to walk everything. Our trip took us two full days and we didn't get past Kinmount.

Post date: Thu, 11/05/2009 - 19:54


My 10 year old daughter and I did the 2nd half of this trip in the last week of August 2009. We put were dropped off at the park in Kinmount and paddled to Fenelon Falls. It took 2 days. It rained a lot the 1st night and the 2nd day. In fact that was the night a tornado passed through much of Central Ontario. We got a bit wet, but were fine. The trip is great for young kids. There are many places to stop and swim. Many cottage toys floating in the water and docks to jump off.
The portages aren't too difficult and are well marked. The shore is sandy for the most part, so if the take-out or put-in is too steep, just climb up and pull your canoe up to higher ground with a rope. It slides nicely over the sand and grass. The town of Burnt River is nothing special. You also pass a trailor park/campground on the left just before you hit Cameron Lake that can be used as a take-out if the waves are high on the lake. As you get near Fenelon Falls there is no natural shore-line left. Cottages and homes have taken over. The trip is not very interesting for the last 3 hours of paddling, but otherwise it's a fun and challenging trip.

Post date: Sat, 01/01/2000 - 07:00


We did this route May 24, 2005. We left one vehicle in the town of Burnt River at Centennial Park and left another at the dam.

Hwy 121 through Kinmount - turn right on Route No. 1 towards Gelert. North of Gelert, the road heads east. Before the bridge, turn left onto County Road 16, (watch, 16 shows up twice - you want the second one - immediately before the bridge. If you can't see the bridge don't turn yet) then right, go to the end of the road and Canning Lake Dam.

PL100 around the dam is now a "protected area" by local residents. We were asked to enter the river through the bed & breakfast on the west side of the dam and onto the beach. You should speak with the owner first. Last one to leave the beach, please ring the bell.

We were not in a hurry this long weekend so after a long drive from Toronto and getting a vehicle to our takeout point; we finally got onto the river Saturday afternoon at 2pm.

Water levels were high so we ran PL172 and PL300, ran/lined most of the rest other than where you had to go around like the Kinmount Dam and the Three Brothers.

The first night we camped in the Dahl Forest (no fires) halfway between where the Burnt River meets the Drag and Three Brothers Falls. The forest is well marked.

Sunday we started at 11am and stopped at Three Brothers Falls for lunch. Stopped again in Kinmount (PR235) at the Chip Truck for a snack. Ran PR40 and lined High Falls (PR375).

Camped at the next sharp left where the river begins a run back south/east (you will see a railway bridge in a small bay on the right). The site has a picnic table and a fire pit and is on the point on the left. I thought it was a nice site but I've seen other postings where some people don't like it. Most of the original point has washed away.

Started again at 11am on Monday and ran/lined PR60 and PL60, portaged PR430 and PR240. Ran PR40 without any problems.

We came out at 4pm at the beach just past the next bridge on the right. "Centennial Park" in the town of Burnt River - parking free.

1/2 hour drive out to 121 north thru Kinmount, right onto 1 and left onto 16 before the bridge and right to the dam. Get the other vehicle and then back to Centennial Park (1 hour there and back).

This was a good trip - four canoes - two adults/six 16 year olds. We didn't take any chances and stayed within our abilities. The kids had a blast and can't wait to go back. Now if I can just get them out of bed a little earlier....

Post date: Sat, 01/01/2000 - 07:00


horse flies bad in the day, mosquites bad at night, great trip for two people or solo, not much camping room for more. enjoy,, oh ya great fishing. cheers