Dumoine River from Lac Laforge

CanadaQuebec04 Ottawa
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80 km
5 days
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5617 m
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1500 m
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Frequent and rugged portages

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Access is by fly-in to Lac Laforge
South through Lac Laforge
South on Dumoine River
P 200 m R around Twin Falls
P 150 m L around rapid
South on Dumoine River
Class I`s and swift
P 1500 m L around Ragged Chutes (Grunt Portage)
P 400 m L around Bridge Rapids (at road)
Class 1`s
South into Lac Benoit (alternate start point)
P 30 m R around rapid
P 70 m R around falls
P 225 m R around Canoe Eater (Class III)
Class I rapid
Class II rapid (The Sleeper)
Class II rapid (Double Choice)
Class II rapid (The Snake)
P 120 m R around rapid (Thread the Needle)
Log Jam Rapids
Gooseneck Rapids
P 70 m R around Little Steel rapids
P 312 m R around Little Steel Falls
Class I rapid
Cass II rapid
Class II rapid (Cliff Hanger)
South through Burnt Island Lake
Class I rapid (Gap Chutes)
P 212 m L around Big Steel Rapids
Class I Rapid
Class II rapid
South on Dumoine River
Class II Rapid (Z Rapids)
P 138 m L around Turner Rapids
South on Dumoine River
P 1500 m R around Grand Chute (alternate 1000 m trail, but more difficult)
South through Lac Robinson
P 138 m R around rapid
P 468 m R around rapid
P 200 m R around rapid
Swifts and Class I`s
P 184 m R around Examination Rapids
Class I rapid
P 30 m R around falls
P 70 m L around falls
South on Dumoine River
Cross Ottawa River (caution - windy area)
Finish at Driftwood Provincial Park

Maps Required
Topo Maps (1:50,000): 
31 K/13 Lac Dumoine 31 K/12 Lac Russel 31 K/5 Lac du Pinceau 31 K/4 Rolphton
Special Comments: 

Many of the rapids listed are runnable, depending on water levels and paddler skill


Post date: Sat, 01/01/2000 - 07:00


have traveleed the dumoine and laforge area,