Eustache Lake

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5 km
1 days
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4910 m
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2650 m
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Access to the portage is from the Petawawa River at the 550m portage between “Rocky Chute Rapids” and “Devils Cellar Rapids”. The closest access point is Sand Lake gate and put-in at Lake Travers.

In the upstream direction, P 660m, then 1050m.

The next portage is 550m and at about 450-500m the 2650m portage to Eustache Lake branches off. It is marked as a low maintenance route but it is in better shape than some maintained ones I have seen. The only difficult part is climbing the rocky slope over the old railway bed.

There is another way in. I was told by one park attendant that the railway is private property and you are not supposed to be on it without permission from CN. Another attendant told me it was an “unofficial” way in. There is a fork in the road before reaching the Radio Observatory intersection. Turning left takes you past some clearings and onto a dirt road to the old train station site. You can drive down the rail bed to within 300m of the portage and then walk all the way in without doing the upstream trip on river. I only mention this because it means the lake is much more accessible to people who ignore rules than it looks on the map. As a result the campsite on the point opposite the portage is heavily used, littered with fish line, foam worm containers, old dishes and other garbage.

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Canoe Routes of Algonquin Park map published by the Friends of Algonquin Park.
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Behind the campsite, near the privy, there is also a trail marked with small blue signs with a picture of a hiker. It is not shown on the Canoe or Backpacking maps and I did not follow it to see where it went.

The lake is scenic but I wouldn’t say spectacular. The cliffs are picturesque and the water is very clear but the lake seems very stagnant.