Flat Lake Canoe Route

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20 km
2 days
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2100 m
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500 m
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Not applicable
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Access by Davis Lake Road, west of Highway 97.
Put in at Davis Lake.
Paddle west, P400 m to next lake.
Paddle west, P400 m to next lake.
Paddle west then north, P100 m to next lake.
Paddle west, follow shore as lake curves south then north, P50 m to next lake.
Paddle south west on this small lake, P50 m to next lake.
Paddle southwest, P400 m to Flat Lake.
Return route by reversing route.

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92 P Bonaparte Lake
Special Comments: 

Much of the land surrounding these lakes is range land. We saw ample evidence of cows and horses. There has also been a fire in the area. These factors combine to make it difficult to find desirable campsites.
The portage trails are unmarked and in some cases, very difficult to find. Once located, the portages are fairly easy.
Despite our dismay over the impact of the range animals, we were delighted by several moose sightings.
We also saw a variety of bird life, including Bonaparte gulls, black terns, Townsend solitaires, a black backed woodpecker, lesser yellowegs courting, common yellowthroats and , of course, common loons.
We did not see any other people on out 3 days out on this route.