Four-M Circle Route

CanadaOntarioJames Bay south
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105 km
7 days
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3541 m
Longest Portage: 
1998 m
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Long, strenuous portages involved.

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Hwy 144 then Hwy 661 to Gogama - Road access to Poplar Point
South on Minisinakwa Lake for 12 km
O 1998 m around series of rapids
Southwest through Mollie Lake
West on Dividing River
P 111 m R on Mollie River
P 43 m on Mollie River
North through Three Duck Lake
North through Wee Duck Lake
P 326 m into Bagsverd Lake
North then west through Bagsverd Lake
P 35 m R on creek
P 54 m R into Schist Lake
Northwest on Schist Lake
P 90 m into Schou Lake
North through Schou Lake
P 127 m R into Somme River
Northeast through Wolf Lake and Somme Lake
P 40 m into Neville Lake
Southeast through Neville Lake
P 152 m into Mesomikenda Lake
Northeast through Mesomikenda Lake
P 49 m L around log boom and dam
P 149 m around rapids (or line)
Northeast through Makami Lake
Northeast through Wizard Lake
P 118 m L around falls
P 229 m R around falls
P 20 m around rapid
South on Makami River to finish at Poplar Point

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41 P/NW Gogama 41 P/SW Westree 41 O/NE Ridout


Post date: Mon, 02/20/2012 - 14:24


We had a few sunny occurrences on this trip. In spite of the weather, it was a good trip. The last portage back into Dividing Lake was no existent.

Post date: Tue, 09/01/2009 - 15:12


We just completed the inner circle of this trip in four days.
It is a very scenic trip, but there are not enough camp sites. Thsis makes for very long days.
If starting in Gogama, there are two very suitable sites on Minisinakwa Lake. The one that is located on the map, and a second very nice site located by the "e" of Minisinakwa lake on the map provided on the Gogama web site. (once you look at the map you will know what I mean.)
There are no suitable sites on P20, as indicated on the map. Depending on how you want to structure your days, either stop at the second site on Minisinakwa, or get on the water by 8am, The first site on Mollie Lake (after the 2km portage) is about 3 hours from the end of the portage.
The two small portages before you get to Mollie lake are anything but small. The one section of the river is VERY difficult to line the canoe through. The water is deep, and very fast moving.
There are two camp sites on Mollie lake. The first one is extremely nice and scenic. At the end of Mollie River it would be easier to take the portage, then it is to try to line the canoes under hwy 144.
There is only one suitable camp site on Mesokenda Lake. Kevin Callan shows two in his book (lost canoe routes) but I belive the first one in the middle of the lake is private property.
The portage between Dividing Lake and Mesomikenda lake (P11) is extremely difficult, as it has been logged. The portage is no longer in a straight line, and it is extremely difficult to follow the trail.

P12 and P13 where very straigh forward with no suprises. After makami Lake there are MANY spots where it is required to get out of the canoe and walk it through the river. P14 and P15 are again straight forward. P16 has a section in the middle of the portage where you actually have to get back in the canoe and get across about 5 meters of water. It is not easy putting in or tacking the canoe out at this point, but there are no other options.
We could not find the campsite that was supposed to be located after P16, so if you need to stop here, keep your eyes peeled.
it is about a four hour paddle from P16 back to Gogama.
There are some sites that mention that this is a maintained route. IT IS NOT. so be prepared.

The scenery is great and secluded.
Overall a good trip