George-OSA-MacGregor Bay- Baie Fine Loop

CanadaOntarioGeorgian Bay coast
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Alex Le Blanc
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68 km
6 days
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8625 m
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2020 m
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Day 1: Entered at George Lake Access Point. George through Freeland Lake into Killarney Lake, then into OSA Lake and into Muriel Lake.

Day 2: Muriel Lake to Artist Lake, up over "the Pig", stopping for a swim in Topaz Lake at the halfway point, into Three Narrows briefly and down Kirk Creek. Camped partway through Kirk.

Day 3: Kirk Creek into MacGregor Bay, up over Blue Ridge and into Baie Fine (now at our halfway point), back through to the Pool.

Day 4: Out of Baie Fine into Artists Lake, through Muriel and into OSA.

Day 5: Out of OSA, through Killarney and into freeland to Goerge

Day 6: George to George Lake Access Point. Then Home.

Trip Journal/Log/Report/Diary: 

Day 1 - We went though george lake in a canoe and kayak. We did a 80m to freelandt . It was very marshie. It was hard to canoe through. We took a 455m to killarney lake. It was very blue. We hiked a 455m into O.S.A., ontario society of artists. When we got there, there was 2-3 feet waves. They were bigger then white caps. It was very windy. We had to paddle straight into the waves. It was very hard to paddle. The waves came over the canoe and we had to bail water out. It was a bit scary, but fun also. Like a roller coaster. We did a 595m to a small lake called muriel lake. We stayed there for the night. We all went swimming and had shishkebab and salad for dinner.

Day 2 - We paddled the rest of muriel. We did a 900m into artist lake. When we paddled through artist, we did the steepest portage in the Park. It was called The Pig. It was 2020m. It was very hard. In the middle of it, we stopped in a lake called topaz. It was even the colour of topaz. We went swimming and ate lunch there. We also climbed up a really steep white rock. At the end of the portage we went into kirk creek. There were so many little portages, dams to lift over and lilly pads to paddle through that we didn't make it to our camp site. So we stayed on kirk creek and made our own camp site. All of the kids went kayaking and canoeing. We caught a lot of frogs while walking on rocks. We had Kraft Dinner and hot dogs with hot chocolate. I slept on a rock that night and had a big bruise on my back in the morning.

Day 3 - We finished paddling kirk creek and we did a 75m and went into McGregor Bay. We had lunch on big orange rock. It was so hot that our clothes dried just laying on them. Ross, my cousin, caught a water snake. We started canoeing McGregor Bay. It was a vary long paddle with lots of islands. It was very hard to find the portage with all of the islands. We hiked a 905m into Baie Fine. We paddled 6km on the big waters of Baie Fine and we finally got to our camp site. At the camp site we had pasta for dinner. After dinner we went to catch frogs. We caught a huge bullfrog. He was close to a foot from head to the end of his legs. That night we stayed up until 11:00 playing and talking in the tent.

Day 4 - Kasey, my dog, caught a chipmunk. We don't know if he hurt it. So, we put the chipmunk back. My cousin Blake played guitar. We paddled through something called the Pool. We did a 370m hike back past the Pig. We paddled back through artist lake and muriel lake. We had lunch on a rock island. Kasey wanted to chase the loons, but he didn't catch them. We went into O.S.A. It was so blue and like glass. The complete opposite of last time. Everyone went swimming. Terri, my stepmom, almost stepped on a huge snake. Ross caught it. It was 4 feet long. We had pasta for dinner. The kids all stayed up really late partying in the tent.

Day 5 - In the morning we had a girls bath on an island. We paddled across O.S.A. into killarney lake and did the 455m into freedland. When we were in freedland in this little tuck of marsh when we saw a big moose eating. It was amazing. Because it is very rare to see a moose, I thought it was great. So we kept on going through freedland and got to george lake. It took us awhile to find the camp site, but we did. That night we played funny card games on the rocks around the corner from our camp site. All the kids decided to climb the mountain. We couldn't do the last really steep part, it was 5 feet. But, we got really close to the top. We sang campfire songs with Blake who had his guitar.

Day 6 - We went fishing. Ross caught 3 fish with a hook on the end of a stick. We packed up and paddled through george lake. We got confused going to the george lake launch site, but someone helped us. We were all very tired. But, we took, one last picture on the back of the truck. Then we all went into Killarney for burgers and hot dogs. My Dad, Terri and uncle Paul, all had beer. We had pop. The end.

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Friends of Killarney Park map
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I am an 8.5 year old girl. I have been canoeing and portaging for 4 years. I love it.

On this trip, I went with my Dad, stepmom, uncle, 2 cousins (12 and 10 year old boys), my dog Kasey (a 14 month old Australian Sheppard) and a friend that had never backcountry camped before. My brother Tanner usually comes along, but not on this trip.

If anyone wants more information on this route, they can contact my dad at this e-mail address