Georgian college 2003 Outing

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Adam Slack
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52 km
3 days
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2930 m
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1140 m
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This Route begins at the Algonquin Outfitters Store at the south end of the South Arm of Lake Opeongo. We put in around 10am and paddled north until we reached the mouth of the East Arm of Lake Opeongo. Our first day ended on the east shore of Lake Opeongo directly beside the portage to Wright Lake. We arrived at the site and made camp around 4pm.

The second day started around 9:30am and headed south into Annie's Bay then into the Opeongo River. The water levels were farely low as this was a fall trip in late september. The river levels were flowing and passable by canoe (although not recommended without scouting the river first). Our second day ended at 4pm on Booth Lake. Day three started around 10am. We left Booth Lake heading south along the Opeongo River to our final stop and pick up point at the bridge located at the south end of Farm Lake. We arrived at the pick up point around noon on day three. Our pick up was not scheduled until 3pm so there was a slight wait for the bus.

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Algonquin Provincial Park Canoe Routes Map 1:126,720
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The Opeongo River has some rapids which are passable when the water levels are low. Scouting of the river is a good idea prior to running the rapids. Some of the bends in the river are difficult to negotiate unless you have a route planned previously. There are some "sweepers" at the end of some rapids which require a very quick change in direction or you could get stuck in one as one of our canoes did. Everyone turned out fine all be it a little wet.