Gould Lake-Blue Lake-Gould Lake

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Mike Roberts
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3 km
1 days
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Total Portage Distance: 
500 m
Longest Portage: 
400 m
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Not applicable
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This route runs out of the Gould Lake Conservation Area, just north of Sydenham, Ontario.Walking distance from the parking lot to the put-in is 250 metres, so it\'s a breeze to do.

Technical Guide: 

This is a quick half-day trip through the southern part of Gould Lake.While it's not as extensive as nearby Frontenac PP, I'd say it makes up for it with ease of put-ins and general ability to get you on the water for a quick warm-up paddle and a bit of semi-wilderness. From the Parking lot, head down past the building on the right towards the beach on the far side of it. Put-in and start paddling towards the other shore or just straight up the middle towards the islands in the distance. About 15 minutes into the paddle, there's a bay that opens up on the right.This is East Bay. Paddle into it and go past the big jetty in the middle of the lake. You can stop here and have a quick 'pipe' or lunch or just admire the view and quiet.
when you're done, paddle down to the left until the bay ends.Up a small (5 metre) hill is the confluence of a couple hiking trails. Just head straight in and turn to the left and you'll be on the 'portage'(there isn't an official portage, just a hiking trail) head up the hill and you crest it and see Blue Bay. Unfortunately, the put-in is swampy and you need to push off from the water as the sunken trees make a shore launch tricky and near-impossible. Just as you head out onto the Lake, you'll see three Heron rookeries to the left..one is in a tree in the water and the other two are along the shore..
The lake's a quick paddle and at the end there is an old beaver dam and to the right is the take-out and short (100m)portage back down to Gould Lake. If you don't want to risk a potential head wind heading back towards the beach where you started, simply backtrack through Blue Lake and East Bay and back to the beach.

Special Comments: 

This is a great warm-up to longer trips as there are portages and various things to practice on. I love this route as it's possible to do in a morning and gives me a mini-getaway when the urge strikes to just grab my paddles, yet rewards me with views that are normally only available in more remote parks.