Granite Lake to Little Caribou Lake

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76 km
6 days
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2752 m
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640 m
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This very popular "Fly In--Paddle Out" trip follows a less-travelled, but more direct route to Lower Wabakimi L. via McWade L. There are excellent photo opportunities, especially at Brennan Falls. Allow 2-3 extra days for leisure activities and inclement weather. Care should be taken crossing the open sections of Smoothrock L. into Caribou Bay and the mouth of Outlet Bay on Caribou L. as well as approaching the last portage into Smoothrock L.

Day One
Paddle N on Granite L. to the last bay on the east shore.
Portage 183m to a small pond.
Paddle E across the small pond.
Portage 46m to McWade L.
Paddle NE to the the north end of McWade L.

Day Two
Paddle SE into a small bay.
Portage 594m E to the north arm of Roberts Lake then N to a small pond.
Paddle N across the small pond and down a creek.
Portage 320m on the east shore to Lower Wabakimi L.
Paddle NE then SE to the outflow of Lower Wabakimi L.
Portage 640m on the south bank.
Paddle E across a widening in the river.
Portage 274m on the south bank to avoid three time-consuming portages in
the north channel.
Paddle through 500m of swifts to a liftover on the north shore that is runnable in high water.
Paddle downstream into the south channel where there are strong currents above a 9 ft. falls.
Portage 137m from the upstream landing on the south bank into Smoothrock L.

Day Three
Paddle E along the north shore of Smoothrock L. then SE to the mouth of
Caribou Bay.
Paddle SE then E through Caribou Bay to the outflow of the Caribou R.

Day Four
Portage 66m from the sand beach at the eastern extremity of Caribou Bay
into the Caribou R..
Paddle across a pool in the Caribou R.
Portage 154m.
Paddle or track upstream through a small swift, then SE on the Caribou R.
Portage 66m.
Paddle upstream.
Portage 110m into Outlet Bay on Caribou L.

Day Five
Paddle SE to the mouth of Outlet Bay on Caribou L.
Paddle S to the south tip of Beaver Island.
Paddle SE into the bay where a stream flows from Little Caribou L.
Portage 250m into Little Caribou L.

Day Six
Paddle S on Little Caribou L. to the Caribou L. Road bridge

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Armstrong 52 I/6 Goldsborough Lake 52 I/11 Onamakawash Lake 52 I/5
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Provincial Series (1:100,000) Armstrong 52 I/SW Whitewater 52 I/NW Wabakimi Provincial Park Map Section Maps S-41, S-9, S-8, S-24 Crimestoppers North of Superior Explorer
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Wabakimi Provincial Park features very few loop routes. Extended parking of unattended vehicles is not recommended for several reasons (mechanical failure, lost keys, vandalism, remoteness and lack of hitchhiking opportunities). Visitors are encouraged to leave their vehicles with a local outfitter and use the latter`s air and/or road shuttle services.

Float plane charter rates are usually quoted per mile for the total round trip distance. Only one canoe can be attached externally to a Beaver or Cessna effectively reducing passenger capacity by one. Trips involving air shuttles should allow for unscheduled delays due to inclement weather.