Grass River - Cranberry Portage to Paint Lake

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370 km
14 days
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4625 m
Longest Portage: 
875 m
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Frequent portages

Technical Guide: 

Access Cranberry Portage via Hwy 10 or Simonhouse Lake via Hwy 39
Northeast through First Cranberry Lake
Northeast through Second Cranberry Lake
(alternate access from Simonhouse Lake enters here)
Northeast through Third Cranberry Lake
Northeast on river towards Elbow Lake
Into south end of Elbow Lake, then exit south side immediately on river
Southwest on river
Under abandoned CNR tracks
P 210 m around rapids
P 190 m around rapids
P 145 m around rapids
South into Iskwasum Lake
South through Iskwasum Lake
East through Loucks Lake
P 155 m R around Loucks Falls
East through Flag Lake
P 145 m around rapids
P 135 m around rapids
East through Reed Lake
East on river
P 875 m around series of rapids and ledges
(possible to run portions and shorten portage)
East on river through swifts
Northeast through Tramping Lake
(excellent pictograph site on north side at exit – please treat with respect)
P 425 m around Wekusko Falls
East across Wekusko Lake
Northeast on river
Southeast on river
P 100 m R around falls
P 75 m L around falls
Class I rapid
East on river
P 50 m R around falls
P 55 m L around falls
P 100 m L around falls
South then east on river
P 75 m L around White Forest Falls
P 15 m around Skunk Rapids
P 125 m L around Whitewood Falls
North on river
Past entrance to Pakwa Lake
North into Setting Lake
North through Setting Lake
P 250 m around Sasagiu Rapids
P 475 m around Pisew Falls
North on river
West towards Phillips Lake
P 75 m around rapids
P 175 m around Kwasitchewan Falls
North through Phillips Lake
P 50 m R around rapids
P 700 m R around Kachikaswatainok Rapids
P 25 m L around Sasisgigwan Rapids
North on river
North then west through Paint Lake
Finish at Paint Lake Provincial Park
Egress via Hwy 6

Maps Required
Topo Maps (1:50,000): 
63 K/9 Tramping Lake 63 K/10 Iskwasum Lake 63 K/11 Cranberry Portage 63 K/12 Schist Lake 63 K/15 Elbow Lake 63 K/16 File Lake 63 J/13 Herb Lake 63 J/14 Saw Lake 63 J/15 Pakwa Lake 63 O/1 Halfway Lake 63 O/2 Pistol Lake 63 O/8 Hambone Lake 63 P/5 Thicket Portage 63 P/12 Thompson
Topo Maps (1:250,000): 
36 K Cormorant Lake 63 J Wekusko Lake 63 P Sipiwesk 63 O Nelson House Other Maps Real Berard`s Canoe Map Series - Grass River
Special Comments: 

One of the most popular canoe routes in Northern Manitoba. Readily accessible, and it holds its water well throughout the season. A fair amount of whitewater, but easily portaged if desired.

There are some large lakes (Reed Lake in particular) that deserve respect in windy weather.


Post date: Tue, 04/06/2010 - 14:38


this is a awesome site for route logs and descriptions on this trip

Post date: Sat, 04/26/2008 - 20:17


Trip from Tramping to Setting Lake.

Great trip. Five days actual car-to-car time, two days beyond motorized access, zero skill required assuming sufficient brains.