Great Slave Lake to Paulatuk

CanadaNorthwest TerritoriesArctic
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Curtis Johnson
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Tue, Jun 07, 2011
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1770 km
83 days
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0 m
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2500 m
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On June 7, 2011, we put in at Behchoko (Rae) on the North Arm of Great Slave Lake, paddled across Marian Lake then up the Marian River through Hislop and Bea Lakes, then Marian River to Mazenod Lake then to Sarah Lake, the headwaters of the Camsell River. Down the Camsell River through Faber Lake into Rae Lake. Next overland to Taka Lake then via small lakes to Seguin Lake to Hardisty, Malfait, and Beaverlodge Lakes into Stairs Bay of Hottah Lake. Then down the Camsell River through Grouard, Clut and Rainy Lakes to Conjuror Bay of Great Bear Lake.

Across Conjuror Bay to the north side of Richardson Island into McTavish Arm of Great Bear Lake. Then along the east side of McTavish Arm to McAlpine Channel to Western Channel and across Hornby Bay. Continue along the north side of McTavish Arm to Cape MacDonnel and then northeast into Dease Arm to Plummer’s Fishing Lodge. A float plane from the Lodge transported us ~50 miles to Horton Lake.

From Horton Lake down a shallow creek to the Horton River, then following the Horton River to Franklin Bay. From the mouth of the Horton River southeast along Franklin Bay, into Langton Bay. From the northeast corner of Langton Bay we crossed Parry Peninsula via small lakes to Foothills Creek, then up the creek to Tasseriuk Lake and portaged from Tasseriuk’s northeast corner over to Argo Bay then Darnley Bay to Paulatuk, arriving August 28th.

Maps Required
Topo Maps (1:50,000): 
85 N/7 Tumi Lake 85 N/10 Bea Lake 85 N/14 Mossey Island 86 C/3 Rae Lake 86 C/4 Taka Lake 86 C/6 Lac Ste Croix 86 C/5 Bober Bay 86 C/12 MacQuade Island 86 D/9 Beaverlodge Lake 86 D/16 Stairs Bay 86 E/1 Hottah Lake East 86 F/5 Grouard Lake 86 F/12 White Eagle Falls 86 E/9 Rainy Lake 96 O/9 Horton Lake 97 C/8 Paulatuk <br />
Topo Maps (1:250,000): 
85 N Marian River 86 C Hardisty Lake 86 E Leith Peninsula 96 O Horton Lake 97 A Erly Lake 97 B Simpson Lake 97 C Franklin Bay <br /> Other Maps<br /> Canada Dept of Mines Geological Survey Maps by D. F. Kidd: issued in 1936 for Rae-Great Bear Lake Area: 331A, 332A, 333A. Nautical Charts: Great Bear Lake, 1:350,000; Franklin Bay and/et Darnley Bay, 1:150,000. <br />
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Great fishing--Northern Pike, Lake Trout and Greyling
Lots of grizzly bears along Franklin and Darnley Bays.
Cold and windy for the last 3 weeks of the trip.