Grundy Lake - Backcountry sites

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8 km
2 days
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170 m
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160 m
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Not applicable
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From Toronto: Hwy 400 to Hwy 69 North, past Parry Sound. After the town of Britt, and just before French River. Turn right onto Hwy 522 at the town of Cranberry. Approx 4 hrs from Toronto. Approx 45 min north of Parry Sound.

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Check in at the front office. Drive through the trailer park / day camping sites NE to Pakeshkag parking lot. Leave the car there. Drop the canoe into Pakeshkag Lake. Paddle east approx 45min to first portage. Very easy lift-over smooth rocks (careful no to slip). Enter Sicle Lake and paddle 15min east to the end. Do NOT paddle in the tunnel, underneath the train tracks....Rapids on the other side! Steep uphill 160m portage over the train tracks to Rapidfoot lake (do not hang around on the tracks because they are active). Many frogs on the way. Paddle 10 min across lake to site B5. Approx 1.5 hrs trip, including portages.
Day trip from B5: Travel east in Rapidfoot Lake to the end. Turn north in marshy area. Find creek that travels north to Pickeral river. Low water turns the creek into mud. Higher water in spring might help. Lots of beaver dams impeding progress. Turn around and returned home the same way we came.

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Grundy Lake map available from private publisher. Waterproof.
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Good weekend trip or novice trip. Rustic and not over used. We stayed at back-country B5 in August 2005. Not a bad site. Nice southern exposure and large rock docking. Firepit is close to water. Good day tripping east and north to the Pickeral river. The railway tracks are crazy. Large cargo trains going by the site at 3-AM. It is neat to see the lights coming around the bend, but annoying when you are trying to sleep and enjoy the peace and quiet. The entire ground shakes when the trains go by. The water is nice and warm and clean. Didn't fish, but saw others fishing at the rapids (under the railway tracks). Also visited site B10 on Beaver Lake....not nice, very swampy.