Hanbury River to Baker Lake

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847 km
35 days
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0 m
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6500 m
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Access by float plane from Yellowknife
Start at Devill lake or Sifton Lake
East on Hanbury River
Frequent rapids / boulder gardens - portage or line
East through Lac du Bois
P 1000 m around first set of Grove Rapids
P 800 m around second set of Grove Rapids
Third marked rapids - CBR
East through Hanbury Lake
Past Caribou Rapids (at outlet of Hanbury Lake)
East towards Hoare Lake (many rapids in this section)
East through Hoare Lake
East on Hanbury River
Two rapids
P L around MacDonald Falls
P 3000 m R around Dickson Canyon
P 2000 m R around Ford Falls
Section 17 km long on Hanbury River
P 3000 m L around rapid and Helen Falls
Section 9 km long to confluence with Thelon River

East on Thelon River (10-12 days)
(this section has fast water, few obstacles)
East through Thelon Bluffs - caution - line
East through Beverly Lake
East through Aberdeen Lake
East through Schultz lake
(easy to be wind bound on these lakes - some groups fly out from Beverly Lake to avoid the lake paddling)
East on Thelon
East on Baker Lake to finish at community of Baker Lake

Maps Required
Topo Maps (1:250,000): 
Hanbury 75 P Artillery Lake 75 O Clarke River 65 M Tammarvi River 66 D Beverly Lake 66 C Aberdeen Lake 66 B Schultz Lake 66 A Baker lake 56 D