Hanbury River From Below Helen Falls to the Thelon Bluffs in Nunavut

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Nestor Lewyckyj
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August 2015
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275 km
12 days
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0 m
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0 m
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We flew in an Air Tindi charter in a Cessna Caravan from Yellowknife and landed on the Hanbury just below Helen Falls on the Hanbury River, about 10k up from the confluence of the Thelon.

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I did not keep a log but I have a series of pictures and comments on my web page here http://www.lewyckyj.com/Nestor%20Rostyslaw%20Lewyckyj/Thelon%20River%202...

Four of us did this trip, it was the first my my eldest brother and Roman's younger daughter so we kept it safe and easy. This section of the Thelon has essentially no rapids, except for the light ones at the Thelon Bluffs, which we ran. This is a great part pf the river to introiduce novices to canoeing in the Barren Grounds because it is so accessible and not technical. We stopped in at the old Warden's cabin in Warden's Grove and it is falling apart quickly. We had good weather overall but got caught in a nasty and fast moving thunderstorm that caught us moving from the South. Canoes were blown downstream a few hundred metres but not too much damage to gear, just a bent pole on one tent. Great trout fishing at Hornby Point. We did not see a lot of wildlife but a wolf did come visiting towards the end of our trip. 

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