Irondale River

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Bruce Lindsay
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1500 m
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600 m
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We put in at Gooderham ON, on the south east side of the bridge, beside a fire hall. There is a 375 m portage only half an hour's distance from the start. The river is very easy for a while after that. Most rough water can be run or lined through. The big 600 m portage comes about an hour after the first. The rest of the day we ran most everything. Be sure to stop and plan your route through any rapid though. The portages are crown land but all the land is privately owned. When we camped, the land owner stopped by and had a word with us. He is sick of people camping there, partying, and leaving their mess for him to clean up. We left the site cleaner than we found it. But when we left, I saw the landowner had left his bottles of shampoo & conditioner on the river bank. I wondered what is worse, polluting a camp site or polluting the river?
The second day, there is more excitement with four great rapids. Then the river begins to get slow and dull until Furnace Falls. An easy 70 m portage and a fun place to play & swim. An hour later you will be at the Three Brothers Falls. One of Ontario's hidden gems and one of my favourite spots. A 300 m portage with a pretty dangerously steep riverbank to finish it.
From there it is almost two boring hours to Kinmount. The Three Brothers make it worth it though.
In Kinmount you can take out in the park, just past the bridge on the right. There is a great bed & breakfast on the south side of the bridge. Look for the big red house with a big yellow & blue barn on the back. Say "Hello" to Patrick for me if you stay there.
Bruce Lindsay

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We did the trip in mid-August, but I think early Summer would be better. With more water, we would have run more rapids - we had to line most of them.
We saw beaver, muskrat and river otters. Not many fish.