Irondale River - Burnt River

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42 km
3 days
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2685 m
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590 m
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Not applicable
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Gooderham at Hwy 507 - south end of town at bridge for access
West on Irondale River
P 375 m R around rapid
P 590 m R around rapid
P 90 m R around rapid
P 180 m R around rapid
P 120 m R around rapid
P 32 m R around rapid
P 95 m R around rapid
P 350 m R around rapid
P 160 m R around rapid
P 210 m L around rapid
P 100 m R around rapid
P 100 m R around rapid
P 20 m L around rapid
Southwest on Irondale River
P 80 m R around Furnace Falls
P 105 m R around rapid
West on Burnt River
P 330 m L around Three Brothers Falls
South on Burnt River to finish at town of Kinmount

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31 D/10 Fenelon Falls 31 D/15 Minden 31 D/16 Gooderham 31 E/2 Haliburton


Post date: Sat, 01/01/2000 - 07:00


The Irondale can be run from the north at HW121 all of the way down.
The easist acess points are 121 to Haddington road to a road just south of Torry Hill to Godderham to a road running out from Irondale and at Furnace Falls then on to Kinmount
In most places you can easly walk out to the highway and hitchike back to your car. each of thease sections are good day sections but not a lot of good camp sites for a group af any size. the rapids get very low from June on and you can leave a lotof paint/gelcaot on the rocks but still run/line-able for the most part watch out for the falls.
this is a nice under traveled canoe trip