Kawawaymog to Three Mile Lake Loop

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50 km
4 days
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7020 m
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2800 m
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Start at #1 Access Point Kawawaymag (Round) Lake
East across Round Lake to Amable du Fond River
Amable du Fond R to North Tea Lake
P240 to Hornbeam L
P90 and P140 to Biggar Lake
P475 to Sinclair L
P960 to Kawa L
P320 to Upper Kawa L
P1125 to Three Mile L
North on 3 Mile L to P2800 to Manitou Lake
SW on Manitou L to P410
SW then W on N Tea L to Amable du Fond R
Amable du Fond R back to Round L
Round L to Access Point #1

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The oficial Algonquin Provincial Park Canoe Routes Map is the only one necessary.
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North Tea Lake can be very busy during the summer, stay away from the campsites on the W end of the lake.

Once on Biggar Lake, there are fewer crowd.

The four portages to Three Mile Lake are long, but worth the solitude. I reccomend the campsites on the island on 3 Mile Lake. Although we did not, a day or two of relaxation is perfect on Three Mile L.

The 2800m portage is long, but the majority of it is on a logging road; the last 200m is a very steep downhill.

We encountered strong headwinds from the west on Manitou Lake, watchout.

The P410 is shorter than the P550 beside it, but steep.


Post date: Mon, 09/26/2011 - 09:07


For added enjoyment I recommend taking the 550m instead of the 410m between North Tea & Manitou - it's only a slightly longer paddle and portage. Take some time to enjoy the water fall at the N.Tea end of the trail.

Post date: Sat, 03/06/2010 - 15:32


Is this a good trip for myself and myself my two boys who are 11 &twelve yrs old?

Post date: Sat, 01/01/2000 - 07:00


I completed the k-mog 3 mile loop in 2.5 days. Comming from k mog it was a blast seeing that we had mostly tail winds. Going clockwise avoided some serious head winds on three mile lake.But unfortunatley we had to come back on north tea on a North East wind. Huggin the northern line of N Tea lake was a must!
Suggestions, definately give yourself time for bad conditions and rest.
all in all great trip especially in the mongotasi hornbeam lake area.

Post date: Sat, 01/01/2000 - 07:00


I completed the K-mog, 3-mile loop but travelled in a clockwise direction. The 2800m portage into 3-mile is difficult, but once you get up the initial 200m uphill, it is a nice walk in the bush. I completed this loop in 3 days staying on Manitou the first night, Biggar the 2nd and was out by 2:30 the third day. Quality footwear is a must for the long portages between Manitou and Biggar. Lots of potential injuries and sandals aren't recommended.