Kiosk-Big Thunder-Three Mile and back

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57 km
8 days
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0 m
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2800 m
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July 27th-August 3rd, 2009. 8 day, 7 night loop from Kiosk, south to Big Thunder, through Erables and Maples lakes and across to Three Mile. Ended the loop through Manitou and down the Amable du Fond river back to Kiosk.

Trip Journal/Log/Report/Diary: 

Day 1 - Drove from Ottawa to Kiosk, arrived at about 11 am. After getting the permit, loaded the boat and paddled quickly to the portage to Little Mink. Quickly through Little Mink and eventually Mink Lake, into Club Lake, where we stayed on a lightly-used but nice campsite on the peninsula just north of the portage into Mouse.

Day 2 - Up early, eat breakfast, off to Mouse. Beautiful Lake. Had lunch on the shores of Mouse, then did the portage upstream into Mink Creek, and immediately into Big Thunder.

Day 3 - Well-deserved rest day on Big Thunder. Only saw one group all day. Nice lake, but quite small. Site had 3 good tentpads and is very nice, quite remote. Mosquitoes were insane.

Day 4 - Portaged into Erables, had lunch on a campsite on the west side, and continued through to Maple. Both are gorgeous lakes and I would definitely stay here on a return trip. Last portage of the day was into Ratrap, which is a nice lake but the campsite is steep all over and not great.

Day 5 - Ratrap to Three Mile. Not very difficult portages, we were up early and were into Three Mile before 1 p.m. Another fantastic lake that I would certainly stay on again.

Day 6 - Three Mile to Amable du Fond. We rose very early to try and conquer the 2800 m portage to Manitou quickly. Arrived at Manitou around 11, had a quick lunch and then battled the wind and waves to escape the bay we were in. Once the wind was behind us, easy breezy and we took our time getting to the next portage. The trip into the Amable du Fond river is deceptively long, especially after the other portage we did. Caught a small bass in the river on our way down to the campsite along the portage.

Day 7 - Rest Day on the Amable du Fond river. Man I wish we had the other campsite. Nice little spot but very little natural sun, and the campsite is RIGHT on the portage. Caught a big bass, which turned into lunch, then spent the afternoon exploring the rapids and falls along the river.

Day 8 - Off the campsite by 8. Down to Kiosk, where the winds were already picking up. Surfed 3 foot swells all the way back to the launch, which was a zoo, even at 9:30-10:00 when we arrived. Back in the car, back to Ottawa, decompression.

Special Comments: 

For being so late in the year the mosquitoes were unbelievable. No luck trout fishing for the first few days but did catch many bass in the Amable du Fond river in the last couple of days.

None of the portages done were particularly difficult, although there were some long ones.