Kiosk, Mink, Whitebirch Loop

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25 km
3 days
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5060 m
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1300 m
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Not applicable
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Access Point #29 Kiosk
E on Kioshkokwi 5k
P 730m Kioshkokwi to L.Mink
SE on L.Mink 1k
P 450m L. Mink to Mink
SE on Mink 6k
P 1190m Mink to Club
W on Club 1k
P 340m Club to Waterclear
NW on Waterclear 3k
P 320m Waterclear to Whitebirch
NW on Whitebirch 3k
P 1300m Whitebirch to L.Mink
NW on L.Mink 1k
P 730m L.Mink to Kioshkokwi
W on Kioshkokwi 5k

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Canoe Routes of Algonquin P.P.
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A very picturesque route just right for a long weekend trip. For less agressive travel take 4 to 5 days.

Considerable portaging is involved. All portages are very easy but there are two over 1000m.

With daily portaging of over 1000m you are guaranteed quiet remoteness.

All sheltered waters except Kioshkokwi Lake which can have sizable waves in strong winds.

The portage from Mink to Club is on far right side at the end of Mink. The start of the portage is 100m up the creek.

Portage from Club to Waterclear is actually 2. 100m plus 240m divided by 10m of water.


Post date: Tue, 09/08/2009 - 15:24


Pulled a rookie and forgot the tent in the car. Figured it out after the first portage. Luckily we had a tarp so we ended up making out own shelter. Rainy weather forced us to paddle this one in two days, one night.