Kississing / Churchill River

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400 km
16 days
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4000 m
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1000 m
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START OFF Hwy.10 at Whitefish Lake on Pineroot Creek south of Flin Flon.
Finish in Leaf Rapids.Hire somebody to shuttle you and the canoe/s to Lynn Lake. From there take the train back to Cranberry Portage or The Pas, a 12Hour´s ride! Or find somebody to shuttle you the 200km´s to Thompson and take VIA Rail from there.

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Dock at Whitefish Lake.Two Beaverdam´s, lift over.Mikanagan Falls P 600m east side.Nice Camp just at point before you enter Lac Aimee.Wade up little Rapid into Lac Aimee.P 150m west side.P 15m sw side.Wabishkok Lake.P 1000m from little Creek at Wabishkok Lake to Loughnan Lake.Wade little Creek into Middle Lake.Grassy stream to Kisseynew Lake.Kississing River.Rapids,P 20m.Rapids,P 30m.Barrett Bay/Kississing Lake.A couple of short portages between Kississing Lake and Takipy Lake,some Rapids can be waded.Good Camp at outflow of Takipy Lake.Little Falls,P 65m east side.Rapids,P 180m east side right at start of canyon.Beaver Falls, nice place and good camp right at Falls, P15m.Minor Rapids may run or wade.Little narrow chute,run.Rapids,portaged up the steep cliff to the Railwaytracks and back to the river after the major part of the rapids,some 400m.Rapids P 10m east side. Rapids into Flatrock Lake, P 20m good Camp there.Flatrock Lake.Shaving Point, good Camp.Highrock Lake.Munito Island, good Camp.Twin Falls,first set use skid poles high upon ground! Second set better use short traditional Portage, good Camp at end of it-sand beach.P 55m south side and 50m south side.Big Rocks at second set, very picturesque! Allen Lake.Devil Rapids,first have a look at it from the rocks on river left then run. Lots of strong eddies and sucks, keep canoe straight! Granville Falls, P 150m west side.Granville Lake.Leaf Rapids. Stop at the Pumphouse, much shorter walk to town than from the public campgroud.

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63 K 63 N 64 C
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Real Berard´s "Land of little Sticks Routes"
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Beautiful little Lakes from the start along the Pineroot Creek Canoe Route!
Tough 1km Portage from Wabishkok Lake to Loughnan Lake, Muskek and Mud!Find head of Trail a couple of 100m´s up the tiny Creek from Wabishkok Lake right at a large Beaver Dam.Used the little Creek from Laughnan Lake to Kisseynew Lake.Lot´s of liftover´s and Bushwacking, good to have a saw and axe handy!
In case one had to shorten the trip you might stop the train anywhere one came close to the tracks or board the train at Pawistik south of Pukatawagan.
There´s rumour´s train service will discontinue between Lynn Lake and Pukatawagan, so check out beforehand.


Post date: Sat, 05/10/2008 - 18:29


trip description is excellent. Fishing for walleye and lake trout was excellent in June. Fun trip. Leaf rapids-no atm, no credit cards, only canadian debit cards or cash. Bus back to Baker's narrows leaving canoe behind.