La Roulette Circuit 30

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44 km
3 days
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1 m
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500 m
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Not applicable
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put in/out Lac au Barrage (40.5 km from Le Domaine in La Verendrye)
alternate put in at Lac Larouche
Route can be done in either direction
Lac au Barrage to first potage
265m P (very flat)
Lac Longevelle
P 160m easy
un-named pond
135m P easy
there is a sandy beach to lift over then Lac Canimina
P 500m few small hills but not a bad go
Lac Myon (small)
230m (up over a road, be careful it's on a turn in the road)
Lac Nichcotea
River Coulonge
P 20 around a small chute (easy run if going clockwise)
Grand Lac
P 200m back to Lac au Barrage

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Our original plan was to do route 34 but we weren't paying attention and following another group and by the time we were over the first portage we realized we were on the wrong route. La Verendrye is a self rescue park meaning you have to call them, they won't go looking for you; combine that with the fact that you don't book individual lakes, we decided to carry on route 30 instead of back tracking. The portages were quick and easy, lots of pink orchids and butterflies to keep the girls quite happy and busy. We found many small schooling fish in the shallows of Lac Canimina, must be good fishing. A few motor boats but not distracting.
Lac Nichcotea was flooded as the map indicates and the shoreline has changed. There is one open water crossing here that I would watch if the wind picks up. Grand Lac is beautiful. Small sandy beaches and the only place we saw other canoes.

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31 N/2, 31 N/3 The park map is really all you need
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Carte 2
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Purchase Carte 2 from the Reserve staff
Campsite observations
30-95 3 tent it's ok, right on portage a little buggy
30-89 ok, not my first choice, small and view not good
group site 30-83
flat road bed ok
Group 30-79 Choice
on a nice sandy beach good view
30-73 on a point, good view looks large
30-60 Stayed here
small and sheltered island site Very clean,
Grand Lac
I'd recommend staying on this lake numbers were changed from my map but all the sites were very nice, some had beaches, we stayed on 30-16, excellent, large site,Small sandy beach, flat tent sites, well kept, one of the nicest park sites I have ever stayed on. 30-08, and 30-10 were on rock outcroppings, looked nice from water
There are 3 SEPAQ camping locations along the route which are basicly drive up trailer locations, they are used mostly by fishermen, you will get some motor boats but not alot. You won't get a mad rush for campsites as you might on the routes in Algonquin. I found this to be a very nice relaxing pace at 3 days, could do this in 2


Post date: Sat, 01/01/2000 - 07:00


August 2003
30-24. (Rating 8/10) A large roomy campsite. Good, open beach.
30-50 island camp (Rating 9/10). Big wind sheltered bay and really good beach. Rough table and lots of large logs for seating. Two fire-pits and grates. 2 groupings of tent sites flat and fairly large.
30-73 (rating 7/10). Open rock promontory with table, firepit, grates but sheltered tent sites. Sheltered landing for 2 canoes and lots of good rocks for swimming, very small beach.
30-102. (Rating 2/10). Awful. Emergencies only and buggy. Tent sites almost non-extent.
30-101 (rating 6/10). Nice small site. No beach but tent sites protected.

The trip is an East-West oval. Westerly winds can be a factor.
The portage between Lac Myon and Lac Canimina is now approx 1.5K as the stream is no longer runnable.

Post date: Sat, 01/01/2000 - 07:00


just an update on the above information, site 30-10 is just right of the outcropping at the northeast end of Grand Lac and a choice site, fairly large beach, 4 large tentsites with seclusion of each other, a well developed firepit area, all in a cedar grove, very clean. We stayed here on another trip Route 34