La verendrye circuit 73&77 together

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scott ellis
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210 km
133 days
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5655 m
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1545 m
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Not applicable
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Good rd, free parking and a Ranger will keep an eye on your vehicles.

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If you are looking for a trip that has it all & is a loop this is for you. This route is in the northwest corner of La Verendrye and sees very little visitors each year.
Star and finish are on Lac Granet. Start by going down the Outaouais River, going outside of the park for a day. Then following a series of small lakes south to Lac Henault, then a series of portages east to Lac Des Baies, Then head north up to Grand lac Victoria, then portage and paddle back to the Outaouais river that leads back to lac Granet.
-there are also lots of ways to extend or shorten the loop.

Trip Journal/Log/Report/Diary: 

Day 1, 2km
-first campsite on lac Granet

Day 2, 19km
-A long day because there are no good campsites outside of the park.
-Portage 70m to Riviere Des Outaouis, go southwest down river, Portage 185 meters around Class V rapid, camp on island downstream.

Day 3, 18km
-paddle down the Outaouais to Lac Bend, Portage 900m to lac Black, Portage 75m to Lac Goudie and casmp on the island.

Day 4, 13km
-Portage 270m to Lac Poire, and camp
Day 5, 10km
-paddle down lac cawasachoaune to great campsite on east side

Day 5, 17km
-portage 120m to lac Henault and camp

Day 6, 17km
- 7 portages and 2 beaver dams up to Lac Des Baies

Day 7, 25 km
-4 portages up through Lac La Perche to camp on Lac Chartier. There is the possibility to shorten the trip by a day and jump west into Grand Lac Victoria.

Day 8, 13 km
- Go north, down the Riviere De La Baie where you can run or portage down a few rapids, then head out onto Grand Lac Victoria and head south to find a nice beach camp.

Day 9, 14km
- The big 1545m portage to lac Cornelier, the one more portage to lac de la Triple Baie to camp.

Day 10, 14km
-Your back to the Outaouais. Go north/down stream, portage 125m past a class IV rapid, the let the current take you to Lac Oaotanaga to camp.

Day 11, 21km
-follow the river, portage or run 2 sets of rapids around an island, and now your back on Lac Granet for the last camp.

Day 12, 7km
-back to the car.

Day 13, ???
I always throw in an extra day, just in case.

Maps Required
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31N/12, 31 N/13<br />
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Carte 4 Reserve Faunique La Verendrye<br />
Special Comments: 

-All of the rapids have good portage trails around them.
-The nice people from canot-camping in Le Domain will help with all the permits ($8/day) and have rentals as well. They also thought that this was a great route, but I could not find anyone who actual went to this part of the park.
-Good campsites
-All of the portages were all maintained and clear except for the first few. So just remember that the portages will get much better
-On a bad side we did find lots of broken glass in campsites and at portages
-It was a very low water year and it did not hurt this route at all, it even made it better with all the great beaches.