LaRonge to Missinipe via Sulphide lake

CanadaSaskatchewanLower Churchill
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92 km
5 days
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2531 m
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460 m
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Start at La Ronge
Northeast along shoreline to Campbell Channel
P 100 m across peninsula to Nut Bay
Northwest through Nut Bay to English Narrows
P 460 m to English Bay
North then northeast through English Bay
Northwest to northern end of Wadin Bay
Northwest on Lynx River
P 232 m L around rapids on Lynx River
P 82 m L around rapids on Lynx River
North through Lynx Lake
P 161 m to Duck Lake
East through Duck Lake
P 401 m to Sulphide Lake
Notheast through Sulphide Lake
P 138 m to beaver pond
P 105 m around beaver ponds on Dog River
P 24 m to Caribou Lake
P 204 m to beaver pond
P 120 m to Freda Lake
Northeast through Freda Lake
P 2 m at narrows connecting North and South parts of Freda lake
Northeast through Freda Lake
P 190 m to small nameless lake
P 155 m to Sim Lake
Northeast through Sim Lake
P 257 m to McNichol Lake
North to Smith Bay on Otter Lake
Northwest to Missinipe on Walker Bay of Otter Lake

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73 P/3 La Ronge 73 P/6 Nemeiben Lake 73 P/7 Stanley 73 P/10 Otter Lake


Post date: Sat, 01/01/2000 - 07:00


My wife and I went on this trip summer 2002. We would recomend starting the trip at Wadin Bay as canoeing on La Ronge is not our bag. As you can see there is many portages, so we got very good at loading/ unloading the canoe. We fould a couple more beaver dams than the notes said. Fishing was OK, better at Robertson Falls where you can camp. As we Started in Wadin bay, extra time can be spent on Otter Lake (many great camping Islands there). Make sure you can use a map and compass on Otter Lake. notes on route at enjoy!