Leano-Adventure Loop

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107 km
7 days
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8815 m
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850 m
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Day 1

Access Leano L via Manitou Falls Rd (aka Hwy 804) approx 104 km from jcn with Hwy 105

P60m into Leano L heading SW then NW and W

P300m into Bunny L and continue due W

P15m into Boot Jack L heading S then W

P120m following W then SW to liftover

Continue W over P50m, P140m, P25m, P50m, P50m, P75m and P300m to Paull L

Camp on Paull Lake

Day 2

W along Paull L over P80m, P60m, P150m, P125m, and P60m (Southerly arm into South Aegean L)

After P60m head NE then NW and N through South Aegean L

P80m into Aegean L heading N to small cave on W shore

Turn S then W and transit P150m into unnamed lake

Camp on unnamed lake

Day 3

Head W then N to P550m (wet)

N to P100m into Welkin L heading W then N on this lake

P550m, P350m and P250m and a liftover through Adventure Cr and a series of unnamed lakes to Adventure L

P275m at NE corner of Adventure L then SE

Liftover then P375m (cluttered with windfall but passable) into Haven L

Camp on Haven L

Day 4 (layover)

Camp on Haven L

Day 5

SW to P275m into Gulch L

S to P525m into Jigsaw L

W to P850m (start is floating bog) in SE corner of Jigsaw L

E then SE through Wrist L to P100m into Aegean Cr

P70m into Amber L

E to P600m into Nutria L

E over a large beaver dam into Mexican Hat L

Camp on Mexican Hat Lake

Day 6

P800m along S shore to Burntrock L

Head SW then SE over P60m and P150m

Turn NE to Jake L

P20m and P200m into Lunch L

Camp on Lunch Lake

Day 7

SE then NE to P150m into East Lunch L

Follow in an arc southerly to P70m, then SE over P80m, P150m and P15m to Bunny L

Track due E over P300m to Leano L

SE then NE to P60m out to roadway

Trip Journal/Log/Report/Diary: 

Trip taken mid-Jul 03.

Never encountered another "human" until Day 5 of route.

Peaceful except the odd floatplane overhead.

Encountered a fair variety of wildlife including three black bears and a wolf.

Maps Required
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52L/15 Rostoul Lake 52L/16 Medicine Stone Lake
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Woodland Caribou Provincial Park Map
Special Comments: 

This loop route could be shortened to 5 days (no layover day, and a more direct route to Jake Lake exists from Mexican Hat L)

Portages SE and E of Haven L are well maintained/clear. Portages W of Aegean, Welkin and Haven more challenging as wet, hilly or lots of fallen trees.

Gave lake travel rating of moderate/intermediate only due to Leano Lake. All other lakes novice.