Leano, Kilburn, Paul, Wrist, Glen,Optic, Telescope and Onnie

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100 km
10 days
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0 m
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625 m
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It is just far, but roads are there and outfitters can drive in if necessary. Fly-in is an option.

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This was a lake trip in Woodland Caribou. The total distance was very easy for 10 days and could be done in less... but it is worth stoping and checking out the park on day trips. The options for routes are endless and can be changed on the fly. Drive to Red Lake or Ear Falls or access it through Manitoba. If you fly Redlake is serviced from Winnipeg or Thunder Bay. See the trip log below or the maps with the


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Trip Log, Woodland Caribou Provincial Park,
Summer 2003
Day 1 => August 8th, 2003
Weather: Hot, Sunny, Windy
Start: Leano Lake
Camp: Kilborn Lake (393904, 5616399)
Distance: 20K
Portages: 3
Notes: Drove from Red Lake to the Leano Lake portage into
Woodland Caribou. The drive in was pretty bad and is not for the faint of heart.
On the water at 10:30 and stopped at about 3:30. Did some reading, while the
kids did some fishing. Thunderstorm at night, but hardly any rain. Also, heard
some wolves at night.
Day 2 => August 9th, 2003
Weather: Clouds and a little rain in the morning. Hot and sunny
the rest of the day.
Start: Kilborn
Camp: Paull Lake (384730, 5623506)
Distance: 17K
Portages: 8
Notes: Found a boat cached in the way on one of the portages
into Paull. Great camp site with an excellent swimming spot. Saw one single
canoeist camped on Paull.
Day 3 => August 10th, 2003
Weather: Hot and Sunny
Start: Rest Day
Notes: This was a rest day. Spent most of the day lying around
reading and swimming. Bo and Dana went to the pictographs and saw a Caribou
swimming across the lake. Nearly a full moon.
Day 4 => August 11th, 2003
Weather: Hot, Sunny and Windy
Start: Paull Lake
Camp: North Aegean (377613, 5632701)
Distance: 18K
Portages: 4
Notes: A great day of paddling through the north part of Paull.
Spent much of the day in an old burn. Wind picked up quite a bit in the
afternoon and blew in some cloud. Great camp site up on a cliff looking out over
the lake. A fishing cache on the island to the south.
Day 5 => August 12th, 2003
Weather: Hot, Sunny and Windy
Start: North Aegean
Camp: Wrist Lake (377332, 5637116)
Distance: 7K
Portages: 2
Notes: Short paddling day as it was very windy on Wrist. Camped
at a great site on an island sheltered from the wind by another island. This
site was very close to the 625M portage out of Wrist. Had a fire at night. Saw
another group camping on Wrist near the portage.
Day 6 => August 13th, 2003
Weather: Hot, Sunny and Windy
Start: Wrist Lake
Camp: Glenn Lake (388038, 5641534)
Distance: 15K
Portages: 6
Notes: Longest portages on the trip, but all were very nice. A
little 'blowdown' on the 625 coming out of Wrist. The 275 on the way to Glenn
was muddy and partially blocked by a beaver dam. All the little lakes between
Wrist and Glenn were quite pretty. Very windy in the afternoon. Not a great camp
Day 7 => August14th, 2003
Weather: Hot, Sunny and Very Windy
Start: Glenn Lake
Camp: Optic Lake (392904, 5641685)
Distance: 4K
Portages: 2
Notes: Saw some fishermen on Optic as well as another canoeing
group that stopped and said 'hi'. Lot's of powerboats on Optic. Nice camp site
right on a point near the end of Optic. Weather changing - becoming humid and
cloudy in the afternoon. Lot's of little biting flies that attempted to drive us
crazy. Great swimming site, except for the leaches.
Day 8 => August 15th, 2003
Weather: Hot and Sunny
Start: Optic Lake
Camp: Onnie Lake (410991, 5643352)
Distance: 19K
Portages: 7
Notes: Passed a couple of fishing lodges. Saw a moose on Edgar
lake and it let Bo and the boys get pretty close. Very hot and calm while
canoeing down Telescope. Hadn't planned on going all the way to Onnie, but the
good campsite on Telescope was already occupied. Most other campsites were
filled with 'blowdown'. Not many camping spots on the small lakes between
Telescope and Onnie so we just pushed through.
Day 9 => August 16th, 2003
Weather: Hot and Sunny
Start: Rest Day
Notes: Spent the day at our great site on Onnie. Kids had a very
successful fishing day and we had a fresh Walleye lunch. Yet another great
swimming spot with some great jumping cliffs. Onnie was very pretty and a great
fishing lake.
Day 10 => August 17th, 2003
Weather: Very Hot and Sunny
Start: Onnie Lake
Camp: none
Distance: 5K
Portages: 3
Notes: Last day of the trip and out pickup was scheduled for
2PM. First portage out of Onnie was marked as a 375, but was actually much
longer. Toughest portage of the trip becuase of the elevation change. Nice
waterfall to stop at at about the 3/4 mark to cool off. Nice portage from the
last lake to the access road - tonnes of blueberries. Met Albert at the take out
point and he had a cooler full of COLD pop! Yippeee. We were all pretty sick of
pumping water by then. Back to Red Lake for cold beer and Pizza Hut. Note: 
The beer/lcbo store are closed in Red Lake on Sundays, but the lcbo in
Balmertown is still open. :-) 

Maps Required
Topo Maps (1:50,000): 
Other Maps: 
WCPP has a canoe route map. It has portages marked, but not campsites. Check with outfitters - Goldseekers had map with campsite, pictographs, beaches and cliffs marked. Just copy onto your own topos.
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This is a really beautiful park in the Ontario system and if you want to get away from it all, it is worth the trip. You will not see a lot of other paddlers. You also beat the humidity you get in SOuthern Ontario. See the
pictures for more info


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